Israel attacked some facilities in Syria 2 weeks ago, ignoring its recognized borders. What do you think ?

1) Defense minister says during commemoration ceremony for fallen paratroopers, ' We want peace even when voices of war arise in Syria and swords are being readied in Iran' (ynet).

2) Syria has said IAF planes violated its airspace and fired missiles at targets on the ground,... (haaretz).

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    1 decade ago
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    Israel & the world will have to come to only one conclusion for peace. Israel must accept a one nation pact, not two. The right of return must be guaranteed to the pals, as Israel can not nor should not segregate themselves from the rest of the world in their hopeless dreams of Jewish purity. They live in an area that is Muslim & Islamic. They can't lock that out.


    The Muslims & Islam must accept the Jewis religion and allow them too to peacefully co-exist with Islam. Both religions must drop the purity reqirements and allow mixed religious marriages.

    Until both sides stop trying to dominate each other religiously, there will never be peace.

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    might we enable Cuba acquire a nuclear reactor?? No. Our Air tension may well be throughout that facility. The protection of the Israeli people replaced into the clarification at the back of the Sept. 6 bombing. If Syria assaults Israel, it is over. The Syrian military isn't something while in comparison with Israeli features. No, it is not any longer a case for conflict, as long as rationally minded people are those making the diagnosis. positioned your self of their place. Then choose if that "disdain for international regulation" replaced into justified. No Syria shouldn't attack Israel for bombing it is facility. merely because of the fact the U.N. would not care that those international places are going nuclear does no longer advise that people who get get nuked would desire to stand back and watch as their worst nightmare unfolds.

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    1 decade ago

    Israel did indeed destroy Syria's nuclear weapons project - because she had concrete evidence that the nuclear materials were being passed to Iran, and to Hezbollah.

    As we all know, Iran has repeatedly vowed to destroy Israel and for some time now, has had 600 missiles pointing at the Jewish state.

    I'm glad that Israel has tackled Syria on this; plenty of other countries were also uneasy about what Syria was doing but as usual, only tiny Israel actually has the guts to take action.

    Remember that in the early 1980s it was only Israel that prevented Saddam Hussein from completing his nuclear reactor at Osirik. Israel destroyed that too - thank goodness.

    As to the person who answered earlier and referred to Israel as a 'hopeless dream of Jewish unity' - you clearly need to get your facts straight.

    Over 20 per cent of Israelis are not Jewish.

    There are 22 Muslim countries - yet your problem is with the one tiny little Jewish country? Yeah, 'cause that's reasonable - NOT.

    Shame on anyone who condemns Israel - she has been fighting terrorism for decades.

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    1 decade ago

    Someone had to do it. Israel exists amidst countries that want to exterminate us. We had the right to a preemptive strike. If Syria had a decent military, they could have stopped us.

    I have also never seen a Muslim country that respects the borders of Israel so turn about is fair play.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'll never understand why a tiny nation with a total population of less than 1% in the world - - even when combined with those same religious trouble makers in all other countries - - would want to defend itself from others who have publicly sworn to annihilate them!

    What nerve!

  • 1 decade ago

    Israel has a right to protect itself from promoters of terrorism like Syria who gives refuge to those who wish ill on Israel.

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    1 decade ago

    Israel is just begging to be attacked by other nations when it violates airspace and opens fire on military and non military installations.

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    I think that's why Syria and Iran and almost every other Arab nation want's to bomb Israel!

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    1 decade ago

    self defense.

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