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a master degree that bush could actually earn. But would he still get his dad to make sure he pass?

College Offers Degree in Master Ranching

Saturday September 22, 12:47 pm ET

By Lynn Brezosky, Associated Press Writer

Texas A&M-Kingsville's Institute for Ranch Management Offers Ranchers Masters Degree Program

KINGSVILLE, Texas (AP) -- Once upon a time, in the Wild West, all it took to raise cattle was land, grass and cowboys who knew how to rope the critters. Now, it may take an MBA.

Texas A&M-Kingsville's Institute for Ranch Management is offering what university officials call the first ever masters degree program for ranchers -- sort of a Harvard Business School for cowboys. In addition to graduate-level business courses, students are schooled in rangeland specialties, including animal nutrition and wildlife management.

What would bet his best subject? bull breading.

Texas, not the smartest state in the union.


well I'm glad to see the grammar police toke the BATE. Bush would be a Master at Bull Breeding. Just ask his cheeleader buddies from school. Or his best and Fabulaous friend, Jeff Gagnon.

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    The only Degree Bush could actually get without his dad's help would be:

    How to destroy your country and still make a profit 101

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    This is clearly not a masters degree. Its just some crap to hand out degrees so that when people say are americans educated we can bump the numbers of people we claim as having degrees greater than a BS or BA.

    Ultimately I think Bush Jr could handle this one alone.

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    Bush couldn't obtain a master's degree in anything except stupidity. He would shine in that department.

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    "What would bet his best subject? bull breading.

    Texas, not the smartest state in the union."

    Your state probably ain't far ahead, the word is breeding and you don't breed a bull

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    Your main boy Kerry took the same classes and got a worse grade.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    texans know how to check spelling before submitting a question. what state are you from?

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