birth control after child-birth?

i've never been on birth control before... but i plan to go on birth control after i give birth in december...

i'm just wondering to all those women who are on birth control or were on birth control, how long do you have to wait before you start taking it after giving birth? i can't imagine taking it while breastfeeding would be healthy...

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    You don't have to choose hormones (pills, shots, patches, etc.). Hormonal birth control has many unpleasant side effects, even low dosage pills like the "mini pill." Even the progestin in the mini-pill does go into the breast milk and to your baby and the long-term effects on the child are still being studied and are not known. So to say hormonal birth control is perfectly safe is not true at all - the truth is we don't know, and shouldn't we be on the safe side when it comes to our babies?

    Also be aware that hormone-based birth control methods can decrease your milk supply.

    You could try NFP which has a 98-99% success rate and it involves both partners, and is FREE. There are no side effects on you or baby, and this method can not only be used to postpone pregnancy but also to achieve a pregnancy, if desired, in the future.

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    i think its something for the kids/ teens to come to their parents about and discuss it with them but ultimately it should be the kids/teens decision to want it. and a parent should not force birth control onto their child. IF the parent does not want their child on birth control then they risk the child being sexually active (because these days 12 year olds are screwing around.. and they risk teen pregnancy) so really i think that it should be a mutual decision. i personally have been on birth control since i was in 7th grade. but not for sexual reasons. my periods were driving me crazy and they were never regular ( i would have it heavy 3 months at a time then quit for a week or two then start back up again for a few more months.... so we were worried about my health and the fact that i was losing too much blood. so you never know the situation of why teens/kids need or want birth control. it just takes communication. some use it for acne problems

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    The birth control pill can affect your milk supply - it is not good for breastfeeding mothers. It is also worrisome because all the hormones cross over into your breastmilk. Does an infant need a constant stream of hormones in their milk every day? Have you considered natural methods like Natural Family Planning? My husband and I have used it successfully for many years. It doesn't cost anything.

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    If you are breast-feeding, you should not use combination birth control pills (contain both estrogen and progesterone), a vaginal ring, or monthly shots (Lunelle). Ask your health care provider about choices for birth control methods if you plan to breast-feed. (Breast-feeding by itself is not considered a completely reliable method of birth control.) Birth control methods that can be used when you are breast-feeding include:


    spermicide creams




    progestin-only birth control pills, which you can begin 3 to 4 weeks after the birth of your baby

    shots of progesterone (Depo-Provera) given every 90 days, starting 6 weeks after delivery.

    If you do not plan to have children again and are looking for a more permanent form of birth control, male sterilization (vasectomy) or female sterilization (tying of the tubes) are two other choices available to you.

    If you plan to have children again very soon, you may want to avoid using the hormone methods of birth control (pills or shots). That way you will not have to wait for your body to readjust to your normal hormone level and menstrual cycle. This makes it easier for you to get pregnant when you are ready.

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    Hi! I've used birth control and plan to nurse. Keep in mind that you do not have to go on the Pill or use a hormone-releasing IUD if you aren't comfortable with it. I personally use a diaphragm when I'm not trying to conceive. Although the stats aren't as good as with the Pill (few things are), if used meticuously you should have a good success rate. As for chemicals, the spermicide is harmless if you choose to nurse.

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    there are actually some birth control you can take while breastfeeding, but i think that normally they make you wait until after your done breastfeeding:)

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    Talk to your doctor about it, i am thinking its about 5 months and you dont get put on normal contraception... There is something called the 'mini pill' which is a very weak version of the pill which doesnt effect breast feeding mothers, and there is also the morning after pill but this ends up costing alot more, (ofcourse unless u rarely have sex)

    but these things are for ever changing so your best to ask about it

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    your doctor will know a better timeline to taking the birth control after a baby. Usually I think its 6 weeks....because contrary to popular belief only about 40% of what you eat and drink makes it into your breast milk.

    again ask your doctor

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    This was a big concern for me as well. This is my 3rd child (unplanned unlike my other 2) and it took us by suprise. But I talked to my dr and she said that they can give you a Depo shot while you are in the hospital after delivery and thats good for 3 months! I breastfeed and she said that the Depo WILL NOT harm my baby boy in any way so I strongly recommend this to EVERYONE!! Good luck and God Bless

    Source(s): 38 weeks preg with #3
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    There is a specific type of birth control pill you can be on while breast feeding... and of course I can't remember the name of it off the top of my head, I'm sorry. Check with your doc : >

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