My fantasy football team...?

QB's - Hasselback, Young, Huard

RB's - Benson, Johnson, Watson, Morris

WR's - Holt, Engram, Ward, James Jones

TE's - Eric Johnson, Jeff King

D/ST - Packers, Titans

Now, I want to pick up Culpepper and I dunno who to drop. Any one have suggestions on which one I should drop out of those and I could just simply use criticism on my team because its not that great :D


I would drop Huard, but then he has some good matchups coming I dunno

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    QBs-7 out of 10-your qbs arent too good, and you have too many. Hasselback is very average as far as points goes, putting up 16-18 points a game usually. Vince is a good backup, but get rid of Huard, he is terrible and is on a bad team.

    Rbs-8 out of 10-you have one good back, who is injured, 1 you should get rid of, benson, and two that are good backups. Morris you could start cuz he is good for a td a game.

    WRs-9 out of 10-Holt is a good recevier, he is just having a bad time down in St. Louis, engram is good as a three, not great though, and ward is good, but he's hurt. James looks like he has a lot of upside, so your WRs are a strong point.

    TE-6 out of 10-both are good backups

    D/ST-10 out of 10-Green Bay is doing great on offense right now, and defense as well, and the titans are a good backup. Strongest point on your team.

    And I would drop Huard for Culpepper, that was amazing, 5 TDs in his return, WOW!!!!

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    You're just jumping on the bandwagon. There is no garantee that Culpepper will be the starter every week for the Raiders. The only reason Dante got a start was because McCowen has both ankles hurting. Raiders also played a poor Defense.

    If you still want to do it...drop Huard...or your TE jeff king. TE are dime a dozen..unproductive..and you can always pick one up...unless if its D. Clark (indy), Whittan(dallas), or antonio gates..

  • 1 decade ago

    Drop huard, since you will be replacing him with another quarterback. No reason to have 4 quarterbacks

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    u need brady or roethlisberger or romo

    tomlinson shuld be there also

    antonio gates

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