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How often do fixed unilateral band spacers in dentistry fall out?

my son has to have a molar removed and a spacer put in, I have heard these can fall out easily and want some more info on them.

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    What you are referring to is a space maintainer, which works to keep the space open when a tooth is lost or removed to early for the permanent eruption to fill the place. These are cemented into place and very rarely come off, unless the patient does something to help it work loose. This is a site that can offer more information of this appliance. This is another site that gives information and photos of the appliance.

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    HeatherS answers it very, very well. The only thing I would add to that, is that, these are CUSTOM made appliances/space maintainers, so they will fit your son to a "T" and once cemented in place they rarely fall out and they should stay in place quite well.

    The best recommendation would be to make sure you schedule regular follow-up visits whenever the dental office recommends because they will also want to check the fit and if the missing tooth has starting to erupt.

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    Great answer, Heather!

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