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Who will win Rangers vs. The NHL?

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    The NHL will win. These are issues that were discussed at the NHL meetings, and voted on, and passed.

    As part of the current CBA, all revenue derived from official NHL merchandise is split evenly between the league and the players. No team is allowed to profit because their merchandise sells more (The Rangers want revenues from their own sales).

    The Rangers also want to stream games over their website on a pay per view basis to subscribers

    They want to control the design of their web site because they feel it gives them a competitive advantage (and the NHL template takes that away).

    The purpose of the current CBA was to level the playing field among all teams, taking away all competitive advantages which occur off the ice.

    It should be noted that the NHL adopted their stance based on conversations with the US Justice Department, Major League Baseball, and the National Football League. All requirements 'according to the NHL' are well within American anti-trust guidelines.

    Similar lawsuits have been filed against the NFL, and NBA (including one by MSG) and the judges all found in favour of the leagues. This lawsuit covers no new territory, and the NHL will probably win.

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    LOL, no one knows what you're talking about, lmao. For those of you who don't know; the Rangers sued the NHL because the NHL was going to start fining the Rangers for not complying with the standard website layout. As you know, every single NHL website looks the same, except for the Rangers site, it's unique. So the NHL wants the Rangers site to look just like the other sites, and wants to start fining the Rangers in order for them to give in. The Rangers got pissed off and decided to sue the NHL.

    I don't know who will win, but I hope it's the Rangers, those websites **** me off, they're all the same! It's sooooooo booooooring! I hope the Rangers can keep their website, it's much better.


    Erica! I'm shocked! You don't know this either? Geez, where has everyone been the last 2 days? Under a rock?


    LMAO Erica, I had a feeling that you knew! lol, Gary Roberts is a good answer. But the vague question and no details.... kind of makes me think the asker is testing us... hmm

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    The law may be on the league's side, but the NY franchise recognizes the prevailing weakness in the NHL's marketing savvy and foresight. To date, the overwhelming majority of successful messaging campaigns have been run on a team, not league, level. This latest mandate from the NHL is critical insofar as the extent to which itjeopardizes that process. What tools are teams left with to help reach the unique elements in their individual markets. In fact, what happens to the very voice of individuality? Perhaps there is no room for such expression in the new NHL, but assuming the league's current marketing braintrust has the vision and skill to carry the sport's message is a fool's errand. Standardizing the teams' websites largely removes the likelihood of one or more creative concepts developing along parallel paths and that is not something the NHL can easily afford.

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    Rangers vs The Nhl

    Winner: Kovalchuk and Chuck Norris

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    The Rangers, of course. Look at their roster. They're bound to win the Stanley Cup. No one can keep them down!

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    rangers win the cup

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    Gary Roberts.

    Source(s): MIKE - Of course I knew. But how could I resist? The lack of additional info... the vague wording of the question... the uninformed answers already established... I had to do it. Lol. Actually, I was wondering for awhile why the Rangers were allowed to use a different template address than all the other teams in the NHL. I did like it when every website was individual, but they really don't have to be as drab as some are now. The Flyers had a great website before the templates, but even with the templates now, their website rocks. ...But seriously, Gary Roberts does what he wants!!
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    considering the flyers put them down 5-0 with there full roster..... i'd go wih the nhl

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    Rangers will finish 3rd in the East

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