What is the relationship between listening to certain types of music and ones behaviour?

More specifically do you believe that listening to a style of music CAUSES a behaviour, or that people demonstrating certain types of behaviour seek out music that depicts that behaviour after the fact - maybe in comfort or to feel more "listened to". For example, could depression or violent behaviour be caused by first listening to sad or agressive music, or do you think people who are depressed or have violent tendancies LATER seek out music they feel they can "relate" to?

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    This question is... so mainstream.

    Here, tell me what *my* personality is, based on these 12 bands that I love:

    John McCutcheon

    The Butthole Surfers (pre-Capitol Records)

    Lily Mae Ledford

    Gang of Four

    Gioacchino Rossini


    The Bothy Band

    Melt Banana

    1-Speed Bike

    Leo Kottke

    Lightning Bolt

    Hank Williams, Sr.

    and throw in Indian ragas, tribal African dance tunes, and Scots mouth music.

    I am equally as likely to listen to a full CD of any of these artists as I am to listen to a song by each in a sequence not unlike what I've written here.

    Personally, I have wondered several times in my life why we don't hear about the people who were listening to Barry Manilow, Rod Stewart (post-Faces era), or the Starland Vocal Band when they committed suicide, because I can't listen to more than 4 bars of any of *that* without wanting to end it all.

    Also, I can't listen to any of that America Idol garbage. It makes me physically ill. If I'm forced to be in the presence of it, I become anxious, stressed, and nauseous. It's just bad. I have a very hard time understanding how anyone would *choose* to listen to those shows. Also if I'm forced to listen to classical music for an extended period (except I can probably handle about 2 hours worth of Rossini), I become anxious, irritable and I lose my ability to concentrate. In contrast, I can focus and get stuff done in the presence of certain types of loud structured noise.

    You may not like to read this, but some of us were born sans that nose ring which record company executives use to pull the consumer masses from this side to that.

    ...and that is the relationship of listening to certain types of music in connection to behavior: it depends upon how easily manipulated one is by the leaders of the music industry, who know that period of time from puberty till about age 25 is the "critical" time to imprint consumer behavior.

    Of course there is the other question of whether *sounds* direct behavior, and the military already knows about things like "brown noise," so yes, certain sounds can cause certain behavior. The ideas, however, that things like the metal genre cause "bad" behavior, or that "bad" people are naturally drawn to it are naive, and exactly the thing record company executives like to capitalize upon. It's also a convenient myth for fundamentalist Xtians. There's this "Jesus" show that comes on local network TV here, and the entire purpose of that show is to *sell* the music of the performers who appear on it, even though if one is a "believer," one might think it's about worship.

    Please keep in mind that listening to Frank Sinatra, once upon a time, was considered an act of teen-age rebellion.

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  • 1 decade ago

    it is a good question and complicated in some ways. hearing is the first and the strongest sense in infants and by keep using and stimulating it, it'll help other senses to be developed faster. it is a fact that infants who listen to classic music will have a better IQ than the ones who listen to hard rock! but later in life and after their personality has been shaped people seek out music that depicts their personality. music can't be a cause then but only an effect! people tend to listen to different music depending on the mood they already are in and not the opposite! peace

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  • 4 years ago

    Some (not all) people get wrapped up in what they feel is comfortable and they are too scared to venture outside of what they already know and discover new genres (and just things in life in general).. Plus it could be pure laziness or maybe they are afraid of not being accepted for liking something else..The whole I'm scared to admit I'm different, so I'll just conform to blend in..

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  • 1 decade ago

    Some people seek out music that they like

    (They become used to the music that they hear around them and only that music affects them)

    Some people let the music choose them

    (Or is it the other way around?)

    Forget all that

    Some people like R Kelly

    Some people like Magnetic Fields

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i belive that each person behaves in particular way as the rythem of his lovely type of music and his behaviors affected also by a number of other activities

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