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Callao, Peru?

I have been in callao for 1 or 2 days now, I arrived from the plane into hotels. I haven´t wondered around. Can someone tell me about the place i´m in and if it is good place in lima? or bad, dangerous place? i am here because my friend is here. if she wasnt in callao i would go to centro? tell me if i should stay in callao or leave to another area? i dont know much about the place i´m in but it looks pretty dumpy but the people are so nice! and there doesnt seem to be much other tourists.

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    You can go to Miraflores(its peru's fancy town) or you can go ahead and visit Plaza Lima Sur and find Metro wich is a beautiful market. The bad places are well near where the Bus stations that go to other places in Peru (not lima) im going to ask someone in my relaitives ill get back at you tomorrow or later.

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    Callao can have some good areas, but in general it is not a place to wander around if you are not familiar with the place. You could easily run into areas where you could be an easy target for thieves.

    If you want to feel save, better stay away from el Callado and also el Centro, and look for accomodations in San Isidro and Miraflores districts in Lima that house most of the 3 to 5 star hotels frequented by tourists.

    In general please remember that Lima is an 8 million plus city with a high unemployment rate and widespread poverty, therefore crime tends to be high, no matter where you are located. Always keep a watchful eye, avoid using excessive jewellery, carrying too much cash, walking alone in areas you are not familiar with and for sure leave your passport at home!

    Source(s): I am from Lima.
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    You got it my friend: People are real nice there but it can be really dangerous to wander around,especially if you are a tourist. As a matter of fact, in Callao you can find the most dangerous shanty towns in Lima.

    My advice: Leave to another area NOW and after that, if you want to, take an organised tour to "Real Felipe" castle or to Palomino islands.

    As for the centro, downtown, you can stay there but I warn you that, although not as much as Callao, it can also be pretty dangerous if you are not careful.

    Once you are there, do visit "San Francisco" church, its catcombs and extraordinay library, which has books written by hand by monks.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): I used to live in Lima
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