My son as a 99 v astra 1.7 td diesel,and it seems to take a good 10-15 seconds on the key before it starts.?

Once its started it runs fine,but as soon as its switched off it wont start again till 10-15 secs even if its hot or cold.He switches ignition on till glow plug light on dash goes off,then trys to start but makes no difference.Could it be glow plugs?

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    its not the glow plugs as you have same problem when hot fit a one way valve (hand primer) on the fuel system just before the fuel filter this will stop fuel retuning to the tank the fault will be with the high presure pump not being able to draw fuel up its a common fault on this system and on the 2litre diesel this is a cheap fix as a replacement pump would set you back about £1000 ive used this fix my self

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  • Rob K
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    If it doesn't start when hot, it's unlikely to be the glow plugs.

    How long has this been going on? Just recently or since he bought it? If recently bought, what was the warranty on the car? Usually 3 to 6 months for small concerns or up to 12 months with some dealers.

    When did it have its last service?

    Sounds like a fuel problem. So either dirt in the fuel line (running the tank dry maybe), blocked or faulty injectors (it's 8 years old).

    Use Redex (Diesel type) in the tank to keep the injectors clean and working properly. Or Wynn's or STP.

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    You probably have one glow plug that is bad. You could take the buss bar off and check to find any bad plugs with just a simple test light. With the glow plug not connected to anything, touch one wire for the test light on the tip of the glow plug and the other wire on the positive post on the car battery. If the light glows, the glow plug is good. If the glow plug doesn't light up, that glow plug is bad.

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    I'll agree with most of the answers here by saying it could be your glow plugs, but another check you could do is to check the fuses! You'll find an 80amp fuse in the fuse box which sends the electrical power to your plugs. If thats blown, there's your problem!! I hope it works?

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    I would have said glow plugs, except you say it's the same when hot. Sounds like there's a tiny leak in the fuel system allowing air in and allowing the fuel to drain back. Then substantial cranking is needed to pump it up again.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If it won't restart straight away when hot then it's not your glow plugs.

    I would go for the fuel system and change the filter, also get one of those hand pump primers fitted to most peugeot engines and link it into the system near the pump,as this acts to stop drain back of fuel.

    Check any clear pipes if fitted to see if any air is getting into the system.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The glow plugs need replacing. It's a easy DIY job.

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    If it runs okay after it finally does start, it would almost have to be the glow plugs. I've found when one fails they tend to fail one after another after that. I usually just replace them all and be done with it. Don't forget to put a little ant-seize on the threads when you install them.

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    Yes most likly glow plugs , or poor compressions

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