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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 1 decade ago

hair colouring/damaging long hair?


i dyed my hair blond since grade 6, im now 20 yrs old

2 years ago i dyed brown for when my natural grows out

and for the past year havent dyed whatsoever

the blond at ends blends in with my light brown roots but looks like i have 3 hair different hair colours in pictures

PROBLEM-hair underneath(back of head)is completely fried, ripped, frizzy everywhere, so short that hair is only an inch or three underneath. overall hair condition is dry dead extreemly frizzy with lots of breakage. how do i get my amazing long hair back?

i need black hair for halloween and would like to dye it a semi, but my hairs condition is really bad, and im affraid if i ask a salon they will talk me into it just for the $

what should i do? thanks to all who respond


lately ive been using paul mitchell (not perscribed by hairstylist)

& not the type for dry hair etc just for normal hair. when i use products nothing works my hair always looks blah because of its condition =[

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    First of all .......DO NOT COLOR YOUR HAIR RIGHT AWAY! You need to get it back in good condition or its just going to damage it even more. I would suggest a good trim job, some good shampoo and condioner that will moiturize your hair. Use a shampoo/conditioner with a ph level of 7.5 or a little lower ......n e thing higher than that is high in acid may want to check with your stylist to c which ones are good they do have some that r not name/salon brands.........also do not use the 2-in-1 products......the cleaning detergents in the shampoo counter acts the agents in the conditioner. You may also want to try a cholestrol treatment to help with moisture in your not use v 05 hot oil ......its an oil treatment only and does nothing to help retain moisture. A good leave in conditioner would help also. But if you decide to color n e way then you need to use a filler......either protien or a condioning filler ......u can find it at n e salon or beauty supply store. But honestly I wouldnt do n e thing till you got your hair back in a healthy state. If its just for Halloween buy a wig......its cheaper and safer for your hair at this point. I know this is kinda long but you DO want your hair back right?

    Source(s): Cosmotology training.......worked and owned my own salon.
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    Have you tried Pantene for dry/damaged? I fried my hair (well actually a salon did) and I tried all the expensive brands and Pantene worked within 2 or 3 shampoo/conditions. My hair looks and feels healthy again. I was able to dye it myself with a non expensive brand and It's super shiny to. The other thing that helps are the silk drops by Biosilk if you just put a couple drops in your hand and smooth it over your hair. It's amazing to. Good Luck.

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    specific, hair colorings injury hair to 3 volume....Its no longer so which you may not use hair colorings... you need to not use it frequently,use it ones a mutually as in the month... i ought to grant you the suitable concept...relatively of those colorings,its extra appropriate in case you stick to Henna to your hair,this is neither made out of chemical compounds nor risky...It additionally supplies stable shade to your hair and decreases hair fall... It does not have any area outcomes and its very effectual.....

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