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The catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide can be expressed as:

H2O2(aq) --> H2O(l) + O2(g)

1) Calculate the number of moles of oxygen gas produced from the complete catalyzed decomposition of 5.80ml sample of a 3.5% solution of H2O2. The density of the 3.5% solution of H2O2 is 1.01 g/ml.

2)A trial of this decomposition experiment, using different quantities of reactants than those listed in the question above produced the following data:

Volume of O2 produced at room conditions 250 ml

Barometric pressure 740 torr

Temperature of water 24 degrees celsius

Temperature of O2 25 degrees celsius

Vapor Pressure due to water at 24 degrees celsius 22.4 torr

Calculate the volume of O2(g) produced at standard conditions of temperature and pressure.

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    You use the formula (P1V1/T1)=(P2V2/T2).

    For left side of equation:

    1. you have the pressure in torr. which you need to convert to atm. by deviding it by 760.

    2. You have the volume as well but need to convert to Liters by dividing by 1000.

    3. You have the temperature of water in C, convert to K by adding 273.5

    your left side of equation is now complete.

    Right side:

    this is the standard, so for P, put in 1 atm, for T, put in 273 K(standard). now you should have V2 left to solve for, what ever you get is the answer and should be to three significant figures.

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