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!!Probability Problems!!?

Answer the question in detail please. ^v^

1) If the odds in favour of Ann beating Sue in a chess game are 5:4, what is the probability that Sue will win an upset victory in a best-of-five chess tournament?

2) Suppose the odds of the Toronto Maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup are 1:5, while the odds of the Montreal Canadiens winning the Stanley Cup are 2:13. What are the odds in favour of either Tonronto or Montreal winning the Stanley Cup?

3) 4 friends, 2 girls and 2 boys, are playing contract bridge. Partners are randomly assigned for each game. What is the probability that the 2 girls will be partners for the first game?

4) Ann,Sue,Amy,Ken,and Kim are going to a party. What is the probability that 2 of the girls will arrive first?

5) A hockey team has 2 goalies,6 defenders,8 wingers,and 4 centres. If the team ramdomly select 4 players to attend a charity function, what is the likehood that no goalies or centres are selected?

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    what's upset victory?

    i'll just make up the rule that upset victory in best of 5 is winning all last 5 from 9 games.

    so the winning sequence=AAAASSSSS; the only way it happen






    edit q1

    i just feel like changing make-up rules a bit. best of 5 needs you to win 3 to win the game. and this time sue get to win in many ways.

    P(sue wins the game)

    =P(in 5 sets)+P(in 4 sets)+P(in 3 sets)

    =5C3s^3*a^2 + 4C3s^3*a + 3C3s^3

    =[10(5/9)^2 + 4(5/9) + 1]*(4/9)^3








    P=1/(1+5) + 2/(2+13)





    odds favouring either one




    how do you play contract bridge?





    sorry, but i'm not good with names. Kim's a girl or boy? Kim's my surname, so i dont know. we'll assume ken's the only boy here.





    2 goalies,6 defenders,8 wingers,and 4 centres

    P(no goalies or centers)








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