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At what point will the war on terror and drugs be over ?

Are these perpetual wars with no end to them ?

How will we win and if we do how will we know we have won ?

Will there always be some enemy to chase and if so why does that keep happening ?

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  • Noah H
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    Follow the money. Certainly drugs are a problem, but its a problem that could easily be solved. The US could buy up all the illegal drugs on the market at a fraction of the cost of the War on Drugs..or as it should be called, The Full Employment Act for Law Enforcment. The War on Terror, or the Billions for Defense Contractors Act is another money pit. Certainly we could institute a well funded and well managed covert operation against what's essentially a series of private terror mafias. Terrorism can cut both ways. Mid level operatives for foreign governments that facilitate the transfer of weapons and intel to these groups could be taken out one at a time. Mysterious explosions destroying all above ground assets of the higher officials is well within the technical limitations of American covert operatives. Remember the 'asprin factory' in Sudan? That belonged to the president of Sudan. He got the message...don't pull Uncle Sam's beard! The idea that patroling the roads of Iraq in 70 ton tanks and top heavy Humvees is going to give Terror Inc. pause is so comic book that it defies all logic. The continuance of these programs in their present form is a crime...someone should be brought up on charges....that won't happen, but it should!

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    They will never end and here is why.

    War on Terror: too many groups/individuals hate the USA for all that it stands for (good or bad). As long as these people are out there, they will try to destroy the USA. It's as simple as that. Only a global utopia (unattainable) will stop the hatred of the USA.

    War on Drugs: this is a pathetic joke. The govt makes too much money by keeping drugs illegal despite the fact that over half of the nation has tried illegal drugs. Most users do not hurt anyone at all. Some are idiots. But you can say the same thing about the population as a whole (most people don't hurt anyone but some are idiots). The govt cannot stop illegal drugs and its solution for users (put them in jail) is asinine. If someone has an addiction you get them treatment. Putting them in jail only exacerbates the situation and overfills our prisons. The War on Drugs is a total failure.

    Incidentally, do you know what single campaign caused the largest drop in drug use in US history? No, it wasn't any massive arrest or drug finds. No it wasn't any of the various exercises in South America aimed at stopping drugs where they start. It was Nancy Reagans "Just Say No" ads of the 80's. Hmmm....adverstising....hmmmm...

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    they won't ever end and that is why. conflict on Terror: too many agencies/individuals hate the rustic for all that it stands for (properly or risky). As lengthy as those human beings are interior the market, they are going to attempt to ruin the rustic. this is as useful as that. in worry-free words a international utopia (no longer plausible) will end the hatred of the rustic. conflict on drugs: this is a pathetic shaggy canine tale. the governmentmakes too much money via protecting drugs unlawful even nonetheless over area of the rustic has tried unlawful drugs. maximum purchasers do not damage every person in any word of. some are idiots. yet you'll have the means to assert an same component about the inhabitants as an entire (a lot human beings do no longer damage every person besides the undeniable fact that some are idiots). the governmentcan't end unlawful drugs and its answer for purchasers (placed them in reformatory) is asinine. If someone has an habit you get them healing. putting them in reformatory maximum effective exacerbates the project and overfills our prisons. The conflict on drugs is an entire failure. by the way, have you learnt what unmarried marketing campaign brought about the biggest drop in drug use in US historic previous? No, it wasn't any tremendous arrest or drug exhibits. No it wasn't any of the extremely diverse carrying activities in South united states of america of america aimed in the direction of scuffling with drugs in which they commence. It replaced into once Nancy Reagans "only Say No" classified classified ads of the 80's. Hmmm....adverstising....hmmmm...

  • Becca
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    Just as an earlier question asked about a world without violence....this kind of eutopia does not exist, has never existed and will never exist. The war on drugs has been going on since the 80's and the problem has increased not decreased. the war on terror will be the same because it is so easy for those who want to control the rest of the world to classify those who disagree with our democracy to label them as "terrorist". the next war will be here in the US between our own people....there are those who now say that if you don't support the president then you must be a terrorist yourself.

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    It is easy to rule a people when they are in a state of fear. By naming an enemy, the government unites the masses which allows them to chip away at peoples' rights. The US war on drugs has always allowed law enforcement to "bend the rules" in their pursuit of criminals just as the war on terror has allowed these agencies to "suspend" some basic American rights.

    These wars will not end until the American public stands up and refuses to be afraid.

  • max c
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    1 decade ago

    Both are concocted, contrived and bogus characterisations

    setup to sell more of the same to the US public.

    The US fought a simiarly pointless and bogus

    campain against "communisism" starting in Korea,

    and round 2 coming in the equally futile Vietnam.

    These will NEVER end, as long as the US economy is in large part premised on the Miltary Industrial Complex, who need wars on a periodic basis to sustain thier interests.

    War On Drugs as a hollow cliche coined by a hollywood actor who managed to stumble and bluff his way all the way to the White House. He wasn't all bad mind you, and made a lot of money, for a lot of people, and that my friend IS the bottom line.

    So, to really answer your question, sometime between now,

    and when ice crystals start forming on the gates of Hell.

    LuvUall, Ba-bye.

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    The war on Drugs will never be over, its been going on forever because people won't stop bringing it into our country. All we can do is stop as much of it as we can.

    the war on Terror... I don't know if it'll ever stop but I hope one day we can wipe terror off the face of the earth.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    50 years after the year 2065. In the movie Star Trek "First Contact" when the Vulcans came to Earth because they realized that humans had developed warp speed, they made contact and according to the movie within 50 years we had no need for money or material gain. "We work to better ourselves". Drugs and terror won't be needed, wealth will be out dated.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You can't win wars of rhetoric.

  • 1 decade ago

    when terror and drugs stop

    in anotherwords - never

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