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Anonymous asked in Games & RecreationVideo & Online Games · 1 decade ago

Tips for playing Halo games?

Is there any help anybody can give me for not, well... gettting gunned down within the first 20 minutes?! I'm generally pretty good at gaming, except for first person shooters(other than Metroid Prime)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The basics of playing a first person shooter game against a player or players online is to have high keen of sense of your surroundings even from afar. Meaning, you need to open your big eyes and prevent yourself from getting killed. The players are good at spotting an enemy and on of the things you shouldn't do most of the time and every time you respawn is to not rush. Meaning, don't run anywhere out in the open too much. However, most players do this, is because they usually predict where the enemy or enemies are and they're usually right or they're just plain rushing out in the open.

    Playing game with a variety of weapons, usually a team should stick together. If you have the guts, you can go run around and kill enemies by yourself. However, team work is essential.

    Grenades is good also, especially plasma grenades. Throwing grenades to a spot you think where the enemy is coming from would probably give you the chance to lower one, if not some, of their shields or kill them off.

    You need to have a really good precision on aiming, especially using weapons that involves scoping. If not, then you can't kill enemies well.

    Always look around, spot places you think the enemies might appear. Use tactics and strategies of your own to take advantage of your enemies. Look at one enemy's moving pattern. In other words, watch at an enemy's movement where the enemy always appear at the same place. For example, the player will always appear at the right side so use whatever weapons necessary to own him right away.

    One last thing, don't have your control sensitivity movement on a low setting. Have it set it high enough for you to look around from any direction within seconds. That way, you can spot and aim fast at an enemy and go for the kill. Also, radar is a good thing too, if it's available in the game. So use that as an advantage to your enemies.

    You need to keep on moving. Don't camp, don't hide, DO NOT stay in one place. It's like you're offering a free point to the enemy.

    Source(s): First person shooter veteran
  • 1 decade ago

    Never underestimate a well placed grenade, it can damage your opponent dropping their shields, or pull them out of cover.

    Learn each level, where most weapon and power-up spawns are, by playing alone on a multiplayer map.

    Understand how each weapon works. There are really no "Bad weapons" (except the magnum) every weapon has an advantage and disadvantage, mastering them all and a quick trigger finger are the keys to sucess

  • The radar is your friend. Certain weapons are difficult to use properly- the hammer thing in the third game, the energy sword, the plasma pistol- avoid these. Keep a close watch on your shields and health.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    best weapons to use are the needler just fill em up with needles also the turret that u can detach ummm if u have a energy sword get close and nail em it normally takes one hit to kill sniper rifles are good if your long range the covenant carbine is also good but your best bet is to find a needler and a energy sword also play the campinge mode like 3 times on easy and 2 times on normal and try legendary ^_^ hope i help

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    tip number 1, stop playing halo, and play something better, like gears of war, or socom.

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