Will the housing market crash trigger a major stock market crash? What about real estate, bonds, and foreign i

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    What housing market crash? The real estate market is going through a contraction (or pull-back to use Wall Street lingo) after 5 years of record growth. Yes, homes are not selling as quickly as they were in the past few years, there are more homes on the market now and fewer buyers looking, but that doesn't mean there's a crash.

    If you look closely at the people who are dropping the prices of their homes, it's easy to see what's going on ... they fall into one of three categories: (1) people who got loans that they should never have gotten ... which is the fault of the sub-prime lenders who are now suffering; (2) people who bought at the top of the market and are now suffering from a catestrophic event ... a death, a job loss, etc. that has put their homes in jeopardy; and (3) those who must sell due to a job transfer ... and maybe should never have bought in the first place.

    Most of the doom and gloom that we're hearing about the housing market is coming from Wall Street ... who has its own agenda. They want everyone to put their money into stocks and bonds instead of real estate ... which is, long-term, the best investment ever made!!

    Just like investing in stocks, those who lose out are the ones that panic and sell at a loss.

    Do I think that the housing slowdown will cause a crash on Wall Street? Absolutely not, because we're almost a year into the housing slowdown and the DJIA is hitting record highs. That, I think, proves my point. If we all continue investing in Wall Street and Real Estate ... just do it smart and we'll all be fine.

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