I am going to drive through Chicago from Michigan to Milwaukee, what it the best route?

I am worried about traffic, construction and general time to get through Chicago at about 10:30am on Friday? Any advise would be helpful.

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    Coming from Michigan you'll want to avoid the actual city traffic by going around on I-294. It is a toll road but the road has been widened recently and for the most part will be moving okay at 10:30 am. Once you get up to Lake County, IL I-294 ends and you should continue on I-94. There is construction between there and the Wisconsin border but that time of the day will be easier to get through it than earlier or later. Milwaukee also has construction happening at the downtown interchange but early afternoon traffic should be no problem. You should allow between 2.5-3.5 hours drive time from the Indiana-Illinois border to Milwaukee.

    You also have the alternative to avoid all the traffic by hopping on the Muskegan-Milwaukee ferry. It's a catamaran type watercraft and the travel time is about 2.5 hours. Cost is $134 round trip for the car and $99 RT per adult. (Depending on how long you are staying you may be able to rent a car on the Milwaukee side for cheaper than the price of bringing your own). But you need to hurry it stops service after October 23.

  • Going into Chicago from the south side on a Friday at 10:30 shouldn't be TOO bad, because the worst of the rush should be over and you'll be out before the afternoon rush kicks into high gear.

    Your best bet is probably just stick with I-94 all the way through (Ryan to Edens and on northwards).

    Alternately, you could consider taking I-294 (Tri-State Tollway) that skirts around the outer edge. Longer distance, plus tolls, but you're less likely to get caught up in city traffic.

    If Iceman is right and 94's under construction, take the Tri-State.

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    Highway 32 (Sheridan Rd. / Lakeshore Dr.) runs all the way from Milwaukee to Chicago and follows right along side the lake. Perhaps not the most scenic in some areas, but you'll find some nice spots along the way. Plus it is very easy to follow - good luck!! ** I suggest stopping off in the smaller suburbs north of Chicago, there are some really nice restaurants and shops**

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    Friday traffic in Chicago is horrible at 10:30. You may want to try it about 4 a.m. if you want to get thru town, when traffic is not bad. Also, 94 is a straight shot there. 294 is a toll road that goes around town, but its not much better.

    Source(s): 13 yr. retired truck driver. Been there more times than I want to remember!
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    I live in gurnee Il which is just north of Chicago. My advice since you are going thorugh at 10:30 just hop on 94 and stick to it. It will take you straight through to Milwaukee.

    I would tell you the back ways, but it involves west chicago and you are coming from the east.

    Have fun in Milwaukee or as Alice Cooper would say "the good land"

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    I would suggest taking 94. At 10:30, there may be some conjestion, however, not as much as it would be if you were traveling through rush hour time. You can also use mapquest or yahoo travel or AAA to find a route. AAA direction site shows construction zones also.

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    heading west on I94 do not go thru downtown chicago.....the dan ryan and the edens are under construction......so, from 94 take 294 (tri-state) and that will lead you back to 94

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