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Gregor Mendel?

Tell me something interesting about Gregor Mendel - the "father of modern genetics" . Something that not all people know about him. Some interesting facts or some interesting experement that he did.

Please, I don't need his whole biography.

Or maybe good web

It is for biology assignment >.<

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    His work was a direct answer to what Darwin proposed in 1859 with the Origin of Species. He sought out the gaps in the current scientific community/knowledge that were central to Darwin's argument.

    Namely 1)How do offspring look like parents? 2) Why do members of a population look somewhat different from each other?

    But his work went un-noticed for about 40 years.

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    he found out that our genes dont mix but we pass dominant and recessive if a white flower and a red flower mate they dont have pink flowers. some people think he cheated on his data because all his pea experiments were very accurate (3:1 ratio)

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    in order to avoid cross-polinization on his bean plants, he tied cheese clothe over every single blossom on every single plant in every field. thats like billions of plants!!

    he dedicated his off duty time as a monk to work with his beans

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