my brother has been brutally beaten up in jail can i sue the jail for his injurys?

this is a case of neglect and an issue of human rights i have called everyone from my MP to the human rights commission i even called the warden help dont know where else to turn


i keep on getting passed around from the warden to the human rights commision to the attorney general to the community of correctional safty board to lawyers and even the court system DESPARAETLY NEED SOME HELP TO SAVE MY BROTHER FROM MORE HARM OR EVEN DEATH !!!!!!!!!

Update 2:

i forgot to mention it"s in canada

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    1 decade ago
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    That's jail, stupid! That's why people don't want to GO to jail! If it was just a matter of being behind bars, and holding onto the bars and saying "let me outta here" you'd have bums volunteering to go to jail!

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    Sure you can. But I think it will be a hard case to win because this type of thing happens all the time in Jail. So now you need proof or witnesses both of which is almost impossible to get from inside a prison. The other person may just say it was self-defense. So its his word against your brothers word.

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    Anytime force is used in a jail an incident report is done. You can get a copy of this through open records. That would be your first step. I would check the report and find out what the circumstances were before I spend a lot of time and money looking for vengence.

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    Hire a lawyer & sue. Brother has a lawyer already? Have him sue also. There will be an investigation by law & people will be charged with assult. Put your story in the news papers & state who you contacted & their comments. People need to know the real conditions inside the walls of a prison/jail.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, the jail can be successfully sued.

    A friend of mine was held overnight for a simple traffic infraction that he had never attended to, and was beaten up by a group of five while he was in a large holding cell. He received a monetary settlement of, some $600,000 or $650,000, after suing the jail. But, last year, he died of the lingering effects of the beating he had received some five years earlier.

    NOTE: The incident took place in the State of California, USA.

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    1 decade ago

    The right to sue is a personal right. If your brother was beaten up, he has the right to sue, not you.

    Make an appointment with a lawyer / solicitor / avocat licensed to practice in your particular province of Canada.

    You have not really mentioned enough facts for me to give any good advice. We don't know who beat up your brother, whether it was guards or other inmates, or the circumstances surrounding the beating.

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    MP is that Military Police ?

    I'd just work on getting him out of jail

    one of my uncles has a son that he did not know that he had . wife left when preg and kid shows up 18 years later. uncle remarried with new family. anyway , kid died about a year ago in jail. he was stabbed to death.

    jails are not good places to be. get him out of the place .

  • 4 years ago

    definite He might desire to bypass to detention center. in case you have been to call the police whilst this replaced into taking place or perhaps bypass to the wellness middle to have any wounds you will possibly have appeared at and talked them they might arrest him for family individuals violence. Now in case you have been to be mendacity approximately it and replaced into merely attempting to get him in hardship for something you may desire to be arrested for making a faux document. There are rules to guard family members from abuse. each and every state those rules. And him being 18 is even worse for him because of the fact he's leagally an person.good luck

  • 1 decade ago

    Call a lawyer.

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