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who thinks that china will top USA sum day....?

they are pretty dam close lol

china's advance tech is probably with in 90%-110% of us tech

depending on wat u look at....

if you check out their technology u'd go wholly sh!t!!!!

3 stage ballistic/intercontinental missles..

powerful lasers through the atmosphere to blind us satellites...

anti satellite missiles ON DA FIRST TRY (only 3 countries have this tech)


(there use to be more... couldn't find tat page.. but i love da CSS4 lol.. i knew i liked a diff one b4 but w/e)

this is really interesting

btw i live in canada

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    If you look at historical trends, it's clear that China will probably dominate the global economy someday. China's relation with the US is similar to the US relationship with Europe in the 1800s. They are a huge, undeveloped economy and have real potential to become dominant force. They will undoubtedly dominate the Asian economy in 40 or 50 years ,and be on par with the US and Europe.

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    The Soviet Union also had some of the worlds best scientists and made many technological breakthroughs.

    At the end of the day though people left and the country fell apart due to the lack of freedom and poor living standards.

    right now the average American makes 4x more money than the average Chinese. When that changes then China will top the US.

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    Our global connections make our world incredibly small, volatile and full of uneasiness. China will continue to play a huge role in international deals. They are currently deeply involved in Darfur and Burma. It's like a small match could ignite a humongous bonfire!!

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    Yes i believe that it will

    economy growing about 12 percent year ?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It wouldn't surprise me.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you bet ye they will, they already got most of our monney.

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