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how many 1 inch sized fish can safely be in a 10 gallon tank? Also the tank I bough has a lid that doesnt fit

with the filter am I supposed to alternate between the light and filter of is the company that made the kit just a complete idiot?

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    Some lids come with pre-scored cutouts that let you measure the size and then cut it to you can fit it to let the filter sit in a particular spot without having too much space for the fish to jump out, etc. So, you might want to check to see if that is the case here. Check the directions too, it might explain. Sounds stupid, yes, but the lid I have I had to custom cut (via pre-scored plastic) to fit my aquarium.

    As far as fish go, it depends totally on what type of 1" fish you are talking about. For example, Dwarf puffers are around 1" (give or take....for sake of argument), but you can only have 1 because they are aggresive. Guppies however are a different story. You need to do research on the type of fish you are interested in and go from there. Common sense plays a part in that you don't want to stuff 50 fish into a 10 gallon tank, even if they were 1/2" long. And remember to take into consideration their full grown size.

    Prior to getting ANY fish, you need to properly cycle your tank in order for the fish to survive and thrive. I am giving you a couple of articles to read, one on cycling a fish tank with a few fish, and the other on how to cycle a tank without fish, which is quickly becoming the method of choice with hobbyists, but it's completely a personal decision that you have to make. There is no right or wrong, just a choice. here are the sites: With fish: and Without fish:

    Here are some sites that may help you out as far as picking fish, or are interesting at the very least. You may want to hang on to them for future reference also. Also, if you decide to take the tank back, I would personally suggest that you just go the extra mile and get a 20 gallon tank, as I can bet you are going to wish you had gone with the bigger tank once you get up and running. Just be sure with whatever tank you get/use, that you have something that you can use as a hospital/quarantine tank for sick fish (I personally have a 5 gallon tank for this): and and and

    I hope this information is helpful to you.

    Good luck!!! ;o)

    Source(s): **Keep in mind that "livebearing" fish are those who have fry that are alive, not eggs. If you get these type of fish and do not want fry, get all males (i.e. platys, mollies, swordtails, guppies, etc.). Females, even without males, can store sperm and have 6+ batches of fry. Depending on the fish, they can have from 5 to 85 at one time! And there's a good chance if you do get a female, that she's already pregnant, so if you don't want "babies", stick with males! OMG, I cannot believe someone thumbs downed this answer, unbelieveable. This is precise and to the point with a lot of good suggestions. Obviously there is someone trolling around doing this......sheesh.
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    well the basic rule is 1 inch of fish per gallon of water for the smaller community fish like fancy guppies and what not.

    As for the tank... is it that the cover doesn't have a big enough opening to fit around the filter?

    What size filter are you using for your tank? did it come with your set up? You could ask where you bought it for a replacement hood or filter that fits... bring it in and exchange it if you haven't started setting it up yet.

    You don't want the light to run 24 hours a day because of algae issues that will arise,

    so you'll want to turn the light off at night anyway...

    however they will NEED light during the day. (I do when I get up in the morning, on, and off around 6, 7pm at night.)

    but the filter should ALWAYS be running. So either way, alternating won't work. They need light during the day, and filter ALL THE TIME.

    you'll need to do a replacement or get a different type of filter that will fit.

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    You need a filter and a light for your fishtank, and you will need a lid. Bring the fishtank back to the petstore and find a tank w/ a lid or a lid that will fit the one your have. You need to keep the filter running at all times and as far as the lights, you need to keep it on during the day and off during the night or vice versa. Also once you've set up your tank and have it all decorated and running, it needs to sit for 24 hours before putting fish in.

    I would have about 5 fish, for 1 inch fish. You don't want the tank to be overcrowded or anything. If it's overcrowded your fish may get sick and die easily. DO NOT overfeed your fish. Ask the petstore people how much food is the right amount for the amount of fish you get.

    Good luck! ;D

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    You need the light and the filter running at the same time. You might want to take the tank back and find one that can actually accompany this.

    I would get 6 fish because you want to make sure they are not in an overcrowded tank because that causes stress and ammonia levels to rise.

    Make sure you turn the light off at night also and only change 15%-25% of the water.

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    10 one inch fish in a 10 gallon would be the most you could keep safely.what kind of filter is it?I would take it back to where you got it from and ask them how its supposed to work.You don't alternate between the light and the filter....Ever!

    Also ,study up on the nitrogen cycle before you add fish,and when you do add fish,add them slowly.One or two at a time.

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    Oh! I hate that question? One inch of fish per gallon is generally can be broken up right now!

    I hate that rule!

    You know, if you think this through, you would have more fish than you would have imagined.

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