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Gases Boyles,Charles....So solving just explaining concepts.. thanks :)?

Hi.. Okay so Boyles law states that the volume of a given amount of a fas is inversly proportional to its pressure. Now Does this mean V = k/P ... I need to understand the concepts and so far i can some what understand them... If someone can give me an example that would be awesome...

Also Charles Law states that for a given amount of gas at a constant pressure, the volume is directly proportional to the temperature in Kelvins... Im just having troubles with the word " proportional " i dont understand it.

If you can maybe explain it that would be greatly appreciated thanks...

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    Part 1 --- you are right about inverse proportionality of boyle's law which assumes everything else (Temp, # of moles..) are constant. Then you can rightly assume that V=k/P which means if you increas the pressure, the volume will decrease. Imagine pressing a piston, what happens? You compress the chamber which means the volume has decreased.

    Part 2... Proportional means that a increase in one of those will result in an increase in another variable... and vice versa. Imagine a chamber with a movable piston and 1 mol of water... Since the piston is movable the pressure is constant and we are not adding mroe water so the number of moles of water is constant too. So now the only things that you can change are Temperature or Volume... Now you heat the chamber (INCREASE temperature) which results in an increase in pressure (but we know that piston is movable) so the piston will move up and the volume will INCREASE. Thats what is meant by PROPORTINALITY, a direct relationship.

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    "Proportional" means "changes with". Directly proportional means if T goes up, P goes up.

    Inversely proportional means if P goes up, V goes down.

    Consider a cylinder with a fitted movable piston. There is gas in it at a P of 1 atm. The piston is at rest at a certain level. Now, push down on the piston. You have increased the Pressure inside the cylinder, and the Volume has gone down, as indicated by the level of the piston.

    Same cylinder: constant P. At T1, piston is at a certain level. Now heat the cylinder. The piston moves up to a new, larger volume. T goes up, V goes up, therefore V is directly proportional to T.

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