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what position should i play in b ball?

what position would u put a six four 200 pound high school who has average speed very good vertical jump. plays super d good rebounder very good passer. decent ballhandler but not a break your ankles type of guy. i have a good inside and mid range shot but i am terrible from the outside. i am very good in the post but most of the centres in my league are taller the 6 foot 6.


please explain why. someone said play hockey i already do b ball is to keep me in shape for hockey and football

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    You could be a very dominating PF with your skills, because you don't have the outside game, or the quickness. But you got the height and weight to shove people around in the paint. Also you have the option of being a SF too, but since you dont have the outside game going stick with the PF. To me.... your a mini-kevin garnett.

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    Small forward would be a good idea. But don't shoot around as a small forward, try taking it to the paint and post it up more. Of course always do your best defense, cause when there is good defense there is offense.

    As for myself I only play defense and everyone around me said I play an amazing defense. At the end of each game I still score 10+ points 6+rebound 5+ assist and I wasn't even feeling I have to score. I just score when I'm wide open.

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    If youre the tallest on the team play center if not power forward. The fact that other players are taller than 6'6'' shouldnt matter, you should be able to handle them because you play football and hockey. Every football player that i've played with, played bigger than their size. My best line up in Junior college we had 2 football players players playing the 4 and the 5, one was 6'0 and the other was 6'1. We made it to regionals.

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    Play Hockey... Basketball Sucks!

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    Power forward.

    You should also be thinking how to improve during football offseason on how to catch that pigskin because i have a feeling you would make a good tight end in football.

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    Defenetley Power Forward or if not Second best would be Small Forward.

    Source(s): Myself, The guy at the bus station.
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    Either power forward or Guard

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    Point + Small Forward = Point Forward

    If you r unselfish then you should play small forward. Model your game aftr LEBRON JAMES

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