what do i need to play nfs carbon videos? in which player can i play and what do i need. Please give details.?

i have downloaded and installed k-lite mega codec pack but media player classic still does not play the nfs carbon videos. Do i need any special settings to play the file? or can they be played in some other player or in some other way? How shall i play them?


i have tried players like media player classic and VLC media player but both say that it is an unrecognized format. They are vp6 files or so the they say. Please help.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I think the best media player by far is VLC media player no matter what kind of format you have. it's a light weight program that plays anything. I suggest you download that.


    from here just download it for the operating system you're using and you're good to go. it's free and legal, so no worries.

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