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My cousin was staying witha boyfriend and there house was raided for growing pot. She was not on the search warrent. 2-3 days later the task force put a warrent out for her and she is now facing felony drug charges. She is being charged with manufacturing, delivery, possesion, drug tax stamp, running a drug house, and more. The house is not in her name she doesnt pay rent so can she be charged with running a drug house? Also she was not a drug dealer and never sold, can she be charged with delivery? They didn't even have evidence she stayed there untill they searched the house. They arrested her and nothing was found on her, but the room her and her boyfriend slept in had parphenlia, and some plants I believe. Can they really charge her with any of this? We live in Iowa. I think once they go and find no evedience of her doing this they will have to drop all charges, but also feel they should have to pay the lawyer fees, and pain and suffering. She lost her job, has a po and curfew.


Okay to start it was the parents house of her boyfriends, and they stayed there. The room was in the basement in an off room where the plants were found. She didnt pay rent or own the house, and the search warrant was issued after going through the trash. They wasent even there at the time of the raid, and she has not been convivted she has a parole officer and is on pretrial release. I am not asking for smart *** replies.

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    CGIV76 has a good point and the charges are going to apply for pretty much anyone in the house that was there at the time of the raid and anyone else they can pull in involved in the whole thing. However sometimes just because they stick you with all the charges doesn't mean your going to be actually convicted on them. By nailing her with everything in the book they are more than likely trying to get her on their side in hopes that she will role on everyone else that was involved that they know about and provide information on any suspects that they don't since most of the time its better to cut off the head than the hand, metaphorically speaking of course. But guilt by association does apply, she obviously knew what was going on there and did not inform the appropriate authorities about it - covering it up in a way, directly or indirectly, they probably are not to concerned with that at this point. As far as them paying her for anything, good luck with that, even in cases when someone is sent to the pen guilty only to be released later on when they find out they are Innocent usually don't get anything than an "our bad". Good Luck.

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    Yep, sounds like her goose is cooked. She was there for a while and it's not like she didn't notice all the drugs and stuff in the house. They can charge her with anything they want, proving a charge is something else.

    She's probably already made a statement, but one of the most important things to do when the Police show up is to identify yourself then say nothing else about anything until you've talked to an attorney. That 'right to remain silent' isn't there just for grins and giggles.

    Unless she's got some really good info to make a deal with, she's gone for 10 years at least.

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    I have to agree guilt by association. In law enforcement it is a common practice to file multiple charges when relating to a criminal offense. When individuals go to court multiple charges are usually plea bargained down and with the multiple charges it makes it easier to get a conviction on the main one, manufacture with intent to sell. She would not have to be on the search warrant due to probable cause, her residency. She would not have to be an owner of the house to be charged again her residency. By living there with the boyfriend with the growing and using as evidenced by the plants and paraphernalia being present it is the same as condoning the action and participating in the manufacture for sale and subsequent delivery of goods to complete the sale. If she can prove that she has another residence and has a clean record she may be acquitted of the charges or have them reduced but she will need a good lawyer, and no the court system will not pay for her legal fees or pain and suffering. She can get a public defender at a greatly reduced cost but the legal defense may be weak as the P.D. is also working for the courts. I am familiar with the drug laws of Iowa (former law enforcement officer) and they are quite strict due to the extensive manufacture of meth. through the use of the anhydrous ammonia fertilizer which is prevalent in corn producing areas.

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    The house had to be under observation for quite some time, before a search warrant was obtained. Her name did not have to appear on the warrant, it was the residence that was being searched. Your cousin must have lived there for a while, and knew exactly what was going on. Both your cousin, and her boyfriend will face the same charges until evidence shows otherwise.

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    She was staying in a house that was used for growing pot. The room she stayed in had paraphernalia and pot plants in it. The police found out her and her boyfriend stayed (lived) at the house as a result of evidence they found after serving a search warrant. Why on earth wouldn't they be charged?

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    How many hairs do you want to split here? If she doesn't want to get charged with all this, she should find other men to date, other houses to stay in and get the hell away from any kind of drug behavior, drug abuse and/or drug-related behavior.

    Oh yeah, and before she can do all that, she's going to sit in jail for a while.

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    The investigation probably revealed evidence that will be used against her later. They won't tell her about it just yet. Have her talk to an attorney. Before court all evidence and reports will be presented to her attorney. After reading through it all if she still thinks she's innocent she can take it to court. Otherwise she can take a plea bargan.

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    If by she "has a po" you mean parole officer, she's already been convicted. Unless you mean she was already on parole for some other crime.

    Search warrant is for the house not the individuals.

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    Plants in the room and paraphernalia? She's going to jail. She had knowledge and stayed there. She is an accessory.

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    If I were a betting man, I'd say someone (probably more than one person) fingered her.

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