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Severe front end wobble - 1997 Chrysler LHS - What is it?

I recently replaced the right front strut assemby and right outer tie rod end. Problem was alleviated to the point that I could at least drive the car. However, it still shakes at speed (Can't exceed 45mph unless I am coasting down a hill), and when climbing a hill, the steeper the hill, the worse it is. Adding power to try and get beyond 45mph on level roads starts the car shaing again. It's almost like when you have really bad tires and the car shakes from side to side..but I know it's not the tires as they are only 3 months old. There is a squealing noise in the front, like a rotational sort of sqeak.

I have a split driveshaft. The one on the passenger side where I am having the problems seems to have excessive play/slop in it, especially on the inner cv joint attached to the transaxle.

I'm thinking I need to replace this right half axle assembly and do a wheel alignment.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Have both axles inspected for excessive wear and also the hub bearings by the wheels. Secondly, have the tires rebalanced. Don't care how old they are. Third, replace the left front strut assembly. The replacement of only one may give you a handling issue should you be able to get this car back over 60 MPH. Wheel alignment never hurts.

  • 1 decade ago

    "Both Front Wheels?" are Wobbling bad above 45? Those Axles in the front are called "Short Shafts". I Assume the Steering Wobbles as bad with the front wheels? Are the Rims Bent or damaged? Check again even New Tires can be Bad Sometimes.

    It sounds more like it's somewhere in the "Rack-n-Pinion Steering" somewhere! Good Alignment can do all the needed checks and repairs, ASAP! Don't drive it!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would get the front wheel bearing (hub assembly) checked out, and at the same time replace the CV axles and inner tie rod bushings.

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