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Fntsy Bball Team?

Hey could you tell me what you think of my team. I'm sorta new to basketball so if I have something that is obviously stupid don't make fun.

PG- G. Arenas

SG- A. Igoudala

G- TJ Ford

SF- M Redd

PF- R Wallace

F- C Butler

C- M Okur

C- A Bogut

Ut- K Korver

Ut- R Gay

Ut- J Crawford

Bn- N Krstic

Bn- C Atkins

Bn- H Turkoglu

Bn- M Barnes

Bn- J Stackhouse

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    pretty nice allaround team. the only problem i see is rebounding. your asst's are set and pts w/ arenas and redd. rember that redd is just a points guy , thats it. nice pick w/ rudy gay and butler. congrats on getting tj ford. the raptors are my team. sheed could b big sleeper this year. try to get al horford from atlanta, rookie. possibly a reb machine

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    good i guess 1-10 id give you 6

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