7 Month old and Inhaler?

My son was just prescribed and Flovent HFA inhaler. I was told inhalers are not a good idea for little ones and should get an allergy test done first.

I was just looking for opinions from other moms, if anyone has had to give there young ones an inhaler

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    I don't have a child with asthma, but I work around pediatricians and in an ER setting where we treat children for asthma attacks. It's my understanding that it is nearly impossible to diagnose asthma in a child so young, and that the current best diagnostic tools aren't of much use until they are much closer to 5 or 6. The pediatricians I work with don't use long term inhalent therapy like the Flovent as a rule. They also always do allergy testing, because that is one of the easiest things to start controlling and will often work better. And they say that most children, even the wheezy babies, will outgrow it by their third birthdays. So before I dosed one of my babies with a Flovent, I think I'd want some allergy testing done first. And then, I'd want to see a specialist. It may be your son does actually have asthma, and it would benefit from an inhaler- but I wouldn't automatically use it as a first line of treatment before I eliminated other things first.

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    I am an Asthma Educator. Before they give inhalers, they ask for a family history. If it is the flovent 44, then it is OK. Test are only good for kids 2 years or older. Your kid is to young for allergy test. Continue the flovent, wash his lips with a rag to prevent thrust. Sounds like the Doc might think your child has inflammation of the airway. Flovent is not the same as the bad drugs the sports guys take.

    Big Point. You do not out grow Asthma. Most people believed that and end back up in the ER at the age 19 and 20.

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    One needs to breathe to live, right?

    So the inhaler will help your son to breathe.

    Asthma or RAD is nothing to fool around with. Listen to your Doctor. Additionally, watch for any food reactions or increased wheezing after eating. Your child may have a food allergy - tests for that at 7 months can be done but have a 50/50 accuracy rate.

    Source(s): http://www.kidswithfoodallergies.org google Mothers of Asthmatics
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