Stocks and Bob Shark?

The knowledge of being observant in your environment and media distraction is what can control our movement when it comes to the topic like stocks. Is the media controlling our movement on what we should invest to keep our market stable. We can say this or that about whats right but whats the right way of knowing . I know Technology will clime high in the long run . With these questions what do you think I should invest when it comes to stocks. I know Oil, tech, pharmaceuticals, Natural gas, gold, and other assets for the future when investing in the long run. What about a small company that will be needed for future growth that no body is interested in.

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    I agree with you in that small obscure stocks are more likely to have explosive movements compared to well known large stocks. It's a lot easier to double 100 million dollars, than it is to double 100 billion dollars.

    The media only covers the large stocks and has rules as to how small a company they will cover, because stocks with a small market share will get a huge bounce because of supply and demand. That small cap stock has very few shares outstanding and so when a lot of people try to buy this stock they just saw on the TV, then the demand could skyrocket driving the price higher. Most of the best performing stocks I have owned never got any coverage from the corporate media.

    If you believe in capitalism, then you shouldn't need to focus your investments on a specific sector, but you should diversify your portfolio in many asset classes, just in case your hypothesis about the future is wrong.

    I disagree with you about making money in investments in technology. All the money made in tech stocks in the last 30 years, was made from investments in about 50 of the 1000s of tech companies. I don't remember the numbers exactly, but the results were astounding. If you take a look at Warren Buffets portfolio, I'm fairly certain that he owns no tech stocks. Think about it, as the technology ages the prices go down crushing margins. That is why investment in tech is tricky, but it's your money, do what you please.

    Source(s): Here is the link to Warren Buffets portfolio holdings:
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    A small company that nobody is interested in, will not make it to the future to be of use to anyone.

    Investing is about making money, not crusading to save the world

    We have environmentalists, to preach saving the world, and if you buy in, you can spend your money supporting them

    If you ask about "INVESTING" expect an answer about making money, or why the investment idea stated..SUCKS.

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