Can I file sexual harassment charges?

My husbands ex wife has posted a profile of he and I on Adult friend finder. She used a very old naked picture of him from when they were still married for the photo which she scanned into her computer before sending 2 stacks of old phots home with him when he dropped off his children.

I found the picture in there and just rolled my eyes, but I did blog about what she had done on my myspace (this was almost 2 months ago).

My in laws recieved a parkage from her with included printout of a profile she just created as well as mentioning documents from thier divorce and point to make (such as she never worked, had the children in daycare anyways and dosnt desreve alimony etc) my father in law had in his my documents (apparently my 12yr old step daughter went hunting through her grandfathers computer and either printed or emailed all those files for her mom.

What charges can I file against her in the state of N.H.?


She's trying to discredit us and make it so he has no visitation and soliciting sex would look very bad.

He should have left them with her???? He was deployent with the Navy when she moved. I guess she's just had them hanging around for years.

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    You should discuss this with a lawyer. There are several charges that come to mind such as identity theft, no model release for a photo released to the public, falsification of evidence (if she was going to use it in court) or impersonation. This does not appear to meet the definition of sexual harassment.

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    Sexual harassment laws usually pertain to the workplace. You may be able to claim harassment. Talk to your lawyer and local police.

    Don't blog about it. You'll hurt yourself in the long run.

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    non, he should have never left his naked photos with her.

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