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Now that the USA has frozen Iran's bank accounts, will Iran give in like Korea did? if not, how long until war


First North Korean assets were frozen over a year ago ..."The U.S. administration announced Wednesday it is freezing the assets of entities linked to the spread of weapons of mass destruction, including… three North Korean-related firms — the Korea Mining Development Trading Corporation, Tanchon Commercial Bank, and the Korea Ryonbong General Corporation. The annex also names four connected to Iran and one to Syria"...

A diplomatic source here said, however, that the latest measure was not to be viewed as relating to the nuclear talks.presented 74 recommendations on overhauling the intelligence community and preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction.

Now US action against Iran divides friends and foes. This is red hot news. Date is Oct 27 in Australia...

Update 2:

In Australia it is already Oct 27, which explains the dateline TOMORROW on the above web link, and also the one below/

The U.S. government on Thursday enforced further sanctions against Iran by freezing assets of several Iranian banking organizations. The move, according to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, was a measure to act on "a comprehensive policy to confront the threatening behavior of the Iranians" suspected of developing nuclear weapons...

Story from Syden Australia hot news...

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    I would like to give you my opinion, but i have searched extensively and cannot find any information that the US has frozen Iran's bank accounts. Also to my knowledge since the Shah left in Feb 1979, there has been no connection to the USA on Iran's behalf, I find it strange that USA would have any control over Iran's assets. Perhaps I'm wrong. If you could give me your source, I could have more information. Thanks. Cheers!

    edit: from what I could get from the Australian report was this:

    About 40 organisations, companies and individuals are listed as being subject to sanctions which the US says are designed to bring Iran to heel and cause it to comply with United Nations Security Council resolutions on its nuclear program.

    Not its National bank accounts, however in answer to your question, Iran fought a very bloody war with Iraq for over 9 years, and did not give up, although the US was supplying weapons to Iraq and also to Iran, the US supported Khomeni to be in power , (as the shah had put up the oil prices and they no longer needed him) then when Khomeni got angry over the Saddam affair and war started, the US refused to pay back money which was owed to Iran. Somewhere in the billions. Then the Iran Contra affair in 1987. My point being that the US has always hated Iran. And only needed profit.

    It was Iraq that started the war. Not Iran. Iran has not started a war for about 250 years, it does seem that Iran is now surrounded. America is in Afghanistan,Iraq. Saudi Arabia has always been at odds with Iran, (they are a strong ally with the US) America has nukes to protect itself, Israel has nukes to protect herself, should all countries have nukes for protection then? It would be my dream to see them all gone. but.......Its my opinion that Iran is not stupid, and along time ago protected itself, with the help of Russia and China. Do I think they want war? No. Will they give in? To what, control and power of their country? No. How long until war? I don't think many Americans want another war, Already we are seeing refugees in Canada that don't wish to fight, as we also saw them in the Vietnam war. I accept that. They are welcome. I would hope and wish that the American people could tell their gov. no. They tried in the Vietnam war. Maybe it is likely there will be war, when? I'm not God to say, but a guess around the beginning of 2008.

    Sorry I made my answer so long, as it was not a simple question, in the end, May God stop the war, and may he keep all innocent civilians safe. Every where in this world. God willing. Peace!

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    First off, North Korea is still going, and Iran won't cave. The U.S won't attack unless they no for fact that Iran has nuclear weapons. And if that happens I beleive Russia will take the chance and jump again the U.S and then North Korea will join there side too. While the U.S and it's allies will engage them it will end up being WW3 and most likely a nuclear war. China will also most likely take side with the enemies of the U.S. It will be long hard and bloody, but from what I seen the U.S has everything ready to go accept soldiers and with the help of draft that won't be a huge problem.

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    there is continually some provocative element that the 'coalition human beings' keep on doing. i ought to imagine that Iran would not be too pleased with Britain's movements. Why do international places ought to maintain battling different international places each and every of the time? This has gotten to be a foul habit. Now we interior u.s., and the different international places of the coalition, have lost over 4,000 adult males, women and toddlers because of this conflict on Terror. the toddlers who signed up for the conflict were of their kids. i'm no longer even counting the "chance free natives" contained in the international places that are besieged with conflict. THIS might want to quit NOW. i'm fairly surely and carefully ill of all of this conflict organization. The fugitives from justice that are supposedly being sought are in no way chanced on. what's this all about? Peace!!!

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    China nearly owns USA.

    So, soon it'll be USA's turn.

    War on Iran invokes Russia,

    who signed a pact in 1992.

    Somebody remind idiot Bush.

    Grace --> Mercy --> Peace with you all. Amen.

    Source(s): God Shew Org
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    I don't know how long and IF they cave in. It's apparent that Russia is on Iran's side.

    As for war, we don't have the resources to attack Iran.

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    7 day's 2 hours-8 min's--get ready

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