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During medieval times, were Jews welcomed in England for a long time?

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    Jews were expelled from England in the 12th century by Richard II. This came on the heels of a major pogrom organized in celebration of King Richard's coronation. (Some of the money expropriated during these escapades went to pay minstrels and poets to write ditties about Richard calling him "the Lionhearted". Indeed, takes a lion to send a mob to kill a bunch of old men and little girls! But I digress.) Jews were invited back by Cromwell during the Interregnum in the mid-17th century.

    There were no Jews in England in the 13th, 14th, 15th, or 16th centuries. The Jews did not control the banking system of Europe, nor of any other continent, ever. The European banking system in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance was controlled by (1) the Catholic Church; (2) ITALIAN CATHOLIC bankers (ever heard of the Medici?); and (3) in the earlier part of the period, by the Templars, who were not Jewish either. Certain bankers have, on several occasions, run the English economy into the ground -- but they were Italian and Catholic (and very fond of spreading anti-Semitic rumors to deflect public outrage). Jews were never bankers in the Middle Ages or the Renaissance -- they were small neighborhood pawnbrokers and moneylenders, but never BANKERS; they simply lacked the freedom to operate on that level.

    Jewish moneylenders serviced local shop owners, tradesmen, etc. Kings almost never borrowed from Jews -- only took by force. Kings borrowed from Italians. It was the Bardi and the Peruzzi families of Florence -- both Italian and very properly Christian -- who single-handedly financed One Hundred Years' War. So if you want to blame someone for the longest war in history, blame the Italians. (Of course, that would still be just as dumb as blaming the Jews.)

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    the jews where never realy comfortable in England for more than 5 or 6 years before they got kicked out until about 80

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    well first off, the Jew were weak with no weapons, while the Nazis obviously were strong, well fed, and well armed. secondly, many of the Jews did not have time to fight back. in Auschwitz, when they went into the gas chamber, they did not know they were going to be killed, they thought they were simply taking showers. lastly, it wasn't like all 6 million were all concentrated together, only small groups of Jews (in society) and in the ghettos there still was only a relatively small amount of Jews

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    all Jew's were kicked out of England during the 16th century because they loaned money and charged usury which is interest sometimes as much as 40 % and they were getting involved to heavily into the political arena where they were gaining control over certain politicians, including the King, then they moved to Germany, where they were very successful in gaining control of the Germans monetary system and new's media and later into Russia, and we all know what the results were there, that is why some of our forefathers signed a petition written by Pickney to never allow Jew's to immigrate to the U,S and was signed by Washington, Franklin, Gwenette, there were 5 signatures but I don't remember the 5th one, this letter was in the George Washington institute, but, I doubt it is still there now since they have so much control over our history , monetary system and political entities, many of our forefathers knew the dangers of then gaining control of our country because they were familiar with their past and they wold create a state within our state and have control over our people , do you not agree since they have own our monetary system ( FEDERAL RESERVE) and our political system thru AIPAC and thru them own our country, also check out who owns our printing presses and T,V, stations, I will no doubt get lotsof hate mail by saying this but please check it out and you will find the proof for your self,

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    On the contrary.

    Jews were kicked out in the 13th(?) century and not let in until the 17th(?) century.

    So, you could say that out of all European countries they were quite UN-welcomed.

    Source(s): My rough recall of medieval Jewish history
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    No, because they were not White enough?

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    do web search on "William of Norwich"

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