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Is losing 30pounds in 2months possible?? rlly need help?

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    try this diet it may help u

    Reduction of weight:

    1) Cook your food without any food oil try to use boiled/steamed vegetables, meat, and lot of salad. U can eat fruits too and boiled/steamed chicken or red meat too but no pork.

    2) Potato is strictly forbidden during this diet

    3) Don’t eat any type of junk food.

    4) Drink at least 3 ltr of water daily. Make ur habit to drink water as much as u can

    6) use brown bread

    6) use skimmed and low fat milk and yogurt

    7) no sugar of any type.

    8) drink diet pepsi if u like. but just one glass once a day.

    U can eat vegetable soap too as much as u can but no corn flour in it. Just cooked

    9) if u feel hungry then divide ur diet into 5-6 healthy meals a day (1 plate size only)

    at least take this diet for 3 to 6 months and when u fell that u have achieved your desired weight then make ur eating life style as told above but occasionally u can take other junk food too.

    the best indoor exercise machine is tread mill. run on tread mill for at least 30 mntns daily. and try to extend ur period for one hour.

    hope u got the right answer. if u have any query send me an email try yahoo.

    and if u can spend some bucks on ur diet then try dr atkin's diet plan.

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    Not very healthy... possible, but not healthy. You should always talk to your doctor before attempting to lose so much weight.

    Try increasing your exercise (varry it--do some aerobics, some weight, some endurance), eating healthy (no junk foods), eat smaller but MORE meals (snacks such as carrot sticks or yogurt in between meals, for example) and drink lots of water.

    If anything, you'll feel better... don't worry about the 30 pounds in 2 months goal... your goal should be more about feeling better about yourself and making healthier choices in your lifestyle.

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    quite drastic. aim for long term safe weight loss..

    1) Keep it simple first

    here's 2 articles on eating healthy -

    2) Eat steam food, vegetables, fruits, lean meat

    3) drink plenty of water and green tea

    4) Avoid junk food, snacks and soda drinks

    5) have 5-6 healthy meals a day (1 plate size only) to keep the tummy


    If you're not too sure on how to plan it, try this link

    6) exercise - combine weights and cardio.

    here's a review link to a worthwhile workout, turbulence training

    For abs, read these 2 blogs (great articles on abs) -

    7) form a support group - invite friends, relatives, parents, partners

    to participate in a healthy lifestyle, and keep you accountable. This

    is important.

    8) plan to lose weight slowly, and progressively overtime increase your


    Hope it helps!

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    i would say possible while staying healthy, just don't over eat and exercising everyday would be great if you have that kind of time. If only dieting i don't see this possible but with exercise you definitely can i lost 5 pounds in a week becuase i wanted to before school it's pretty easy but to keep up what i did for 2 months i dunno about that. But good luck

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    Genetics...It all depends on that. For some people who are able to lose alot of weight in a short period of time, they usually gain it back just as quickly. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you should be dieting and excercising and be losing roughly a pound a week.

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    Yes its possible. A general rule of thumb for weight loss or gain is its what you put in your body and what you put out. Food is fuel or energy for your body. When there is extra fuel your body converts the food to fat to conserve for time there is not enough fuel. A pound of fat has 3500 Kcalories. If you consume 2000 kcalories a day and burn 3000 kcalories it will take about 3 1/2 days to burn one pound of fat.

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    i lost 20 pounds in 2 months...

    this is how "i" did it...

    - exercise at least 30~60 minutes a day.

    -start off by doing 15 minutes of jumprope. (make sure to stretch before you exercise)

    - learn martial art if you have enough money (i recommend you to learn tae kwon do)

    - if you dont have money you can do 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups and100 side sit-ups (left and right) a day...

    - eat 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) -- no junk food -- do not eat anything else (meaning no snack between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner)

    - do not eat/drink anything except "water" after 6 pm...

    - drink lots of water

    - walk at least 15 minutes outside after eating breakfast, lunch and dinner

    - do not sleep or lay down during the day...

    - have at least 6~8 hours of sleep (you loose weight while sleeping) -- but sleep at the right time (9 pm ~ 10 pm)

    -- warning: do not "over-exercise" in your first day, start out small... [15 sit-ups, 10 push-up (u can get on your knees if doing it on your feet is too hard) and 10 side sit-ups...] increase by 5 every 3 days until you reach 100...

    -- make sure to "EXERCISE" everyday, missing one day will cause a lot of pain...

    -- if youre planning on starvation-diet, its unhealthy and it will take probably more than 3 months to lose 5 pounds...

    -- if youre a rice-eater, like me, i prefer brown rice...

    -- if you eat noodles i prefer you to eat black noodles...

    -- if you eat bread (sandwich bread) i prefer you to buy brown bread...

    -- you wont see any change during your first month... it takes time and effort to lose weight...

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you starve probably.

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