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What is the reason for war in Ogden, Ethiopia?

what is the reason for war in this country and who is this war affecting?

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    Tens of thousands of Ethiopian troops are currently in Somalia, battling an Islamist-led insurgency against the secular government Ethiopia helped put in power nearly a year ago. The anti-Ethiopian insurgency in Somalia has also emboldened ethnically Somali rebels in the Ogaden region of southeast Ethiopia to step up their activities against Addis Ababa.

    In June, the Ethiopian government sent massive troop reinforcements to Ogaden and initiated a crackdown on the local population that some human rights activists have compared to the actions of the Sudanese government in Darfur.

    Also, Ethiopia accuses the country of Eritrea (both countries are involved in a border dispute) of arming and funding rebels and terrorist groups in the Ogaden area, essentially fighting a proxy war against Ethiopia.

  • Marc G
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    1 decade ago

    From 1961 until 1991, Eritrea had fought a long war of independence against Ethiopia, ultimately leading to a referendum and peaceful separation in 1993. Following independence, the two neighbours disagreed over currency and trade issues, and both laid claim to several border regions including Badme, Tsorona-Zalambessa, and Bure. However, since the two governments were close allies they agreed to set up a commission to look into their common border and disputed places. Since early 1991 they had agreed to set up a commission to look into each others' claims.

    Of particular issue was the border through the Badme Plain. As a result of the Treaty of 1902 the Badme Plain is bisected by the border which runs in a straight line between the Gash and Setit (Tekezé) Rivers.

    A good review is at:

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