has any one have any information on james allen mollison (convicted pedofile) halifax nova scotia, thank you.

has any one have any information on james allen mollison halifax nova scotia (convicted pedofile) that scum-bag ruined many lives of young girls ages from 8-12 only got 3 months in jail, could be working in lumber yard or the building industry as truck driver thank you god bless.

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    Child molester gets jail after judge ignores Crown, defence agreement0


    He walked into a Dartmouth provincial courtroom a free man. But James Allen Mollison walked out under the escort of sheriff's deputies.

    As the courtroom cleared, a woman in the gallery gingerly stepped forward.

    "Excuse me, sir," she said, quietly, to Judge Bill MacDonald, as he gathered his papers. "Thank you."

    This, after MacDonald rejected wholesale yesterday a joint sentence recommendation put forward by defence and Crown.

    It would have seen Mollison sentenced to nine months' house arrest for molesting a seven-year-old girl.

    Last month, Crown attorney Bob Morrison and defence lawyer Patrick MacEwen put that recommendation to MacDonald. Morrison said after many discussions between the two, they'd come to that agreement.

    MacDonald was dubious, and chose to ignore the advice yesterday and instead send Mollison to jail for three months.

    MacDonald noted how frightening it must be for a parent to find out that one's child has been sexually abused. Few crimes, he said, have as devastating an effect on children as sex offences.

    A sexual offender assessment found the 54-year-old Mollison to be a low to moderate risk to re-offend. And the court has heard the man was drinking heavily at the time of the offences.

    But Mollison, the judge said, needed to deal with three devils: his alcohol addiction, his gambling problem, and his attraction to children. There are "very real risks of failure here," MacDonald said, adding he wasn't satisfied that if he allowed the man to serve his sentence in the community, Mollison would not be a danger to the public.

    Between January and July 2006, the little girl would visit Mollison's Lower Sackville apartment with her friends.

    The man would give them loonies, candy and pop. On a number of occasions, Mollison took the girl into his bedroom.

    That's where he took off his pants before kissing and touching her vagina. In another incident, he slipped his hands down her pants as she sat in his lap.

    In addition to the jail time, Mollison will be on probation for three years after his release. That probation is coupled with a number of conditions.


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