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What lead to political deadlock in Canada?

What lead to political deadlock?

I'm doing a presentation and need to explain this.

With George Brown, John.A. Macdonald etc.

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    In the period after the acceptance of the principle of responsible government, governments in Canada were very short-lived and insecure. Between 1854 and 1864, there were 10 different governments and no government lasted long enough to give the colony political stability. Why ?

    the political system produced several equal groupings in the assembly, and the political instability which developed led to political deadlock (a situation where no one can move or win in government) which paved the way to Confederation.

    George-Étienne Cartier The main political parties in Canada East were the Bleus, led by George É. Cartier, and les Rouges, led by A. A. Dorion, who drew their support from French Canadian nationalists.

    Antoine-Aimé Dorion,

    John A. Macdonald The main political parties in Canada West were the Conservatives, led by John A. Macdonald (Tories), and the Liberals (Grits), led by George Brown. None of these political parties, from either Canada East or Canada West, were able to win a majority in the united assembly.

    George Brown

    The leader of the Liberals, George Brown, believed that the way to break the deadlock was to recognize the greater population of Canada West in the electoral system. He demanded "rep by pop" (representation by population) as the basic principle for any new political arrangement. It would in effect give Canada West more MPs, and therefore more power than Canada East.

    In 1863, he agreed to work with John A. Macdonald and George-Étienne Cartier, Macdonald's partner from Canada East, to make major changes. This coalition (a political alliance of two or more political parties who agree to vote together in parliament), of the two leaders of Canada West with the leader of the larger party from Canada East was known as the Great Coalition.

    The problem was to develop an arrangement which would not leave Canada East as a less important part of the colony. One way to do this was to include other colonies in a political arrangement, so that Canada West would be balanced by these other colonies. Various forces from outside were beginning to push Canada and Britain's other colonies in North America together.

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