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Should I take Astronomy?

I'm very knowledgeable about Astronomy and Physics and really enjoy the subject. But I really hate Math and I'm not very good at Algebra/Calculus. I've been taking a gap year after graduating High School to decide to what I want to take in University and work to earn some money for University. So for a couple of months I've been thinking about which program I wanted to take and I've literally looked at hundreds of college/university programs that interest me even a little bit and the careers/information about those programs and I've ultimately decided on Astronomy. I look at those programsn and I feel like I won't have any regrets if I don't take them. I look at Astronomy and feel like I'm missing out if don't take it.Anyway, I plan on going to British Columbia next year and I'm wondering what exactly do Universities offer for upgradinng academic skill? I don't meet the requirements to enroll in University and I've been trying to find out about it but with no luck so far. Any Ideas?

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    Is it OBSERVATIONAL astronomy or MATH astronomy, which is really ASTRO PHYSICS.

    That killed a friend of mine at UCLA.

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