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If I purchase a video camera from the US and the purchaser ships it to me in Canada, how much duty will i pay?

I plan to buy the Sony SR7 video camera, Cdn MSRP 1500, selling for 1499 in Canada, selling for US$1100 in the US (approximately Cdn$ 1030). I am wondering how much duty I will pay in Canada so that I can perform an apples to apples cost comparison.

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    You will have to pay PST and GST on the item.

    Its important to see how the seller will be shipping the item. If its via USPS (United States Postal Service) - Canada Post will only charge $5 for the paperwork they had to do to process your item through customs.

    If you're going through a courier company certain ones are notorious for charging a customs brokerage fee, and shipping from the broker to you. I once had to pay a $78 brokerage fee, and $6 in duties to import a $40 product.

    Also your USA Warranty may not be valid in Canada.

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