10 Football Teams names to NOT win the Superbowl?

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    Teams that have never won the superbowl.

    Buffalo Bills

    Cincinnati Bengals

    Cleveland Browns

    Houston Texans

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    Tennessee Titans

    San Diego Chargers

    Philadelphia Eagles

    Detroit Lions

    Minnesota Vikings

    Atlanta Falcons

    Carolina Panthers

    New Orleans Saints

    Arizona Cardinals

    Seattle Seahawks

    Teams that never played in superbowl

    Cleveland Browns

    Houston Texans

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    Detroit Lions

    New Orleans Saints

    Arizona Cardinals

  • evert
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    Giants - i will see them interior the SB returned Falcon - i could be completely bowled over and angered, although the way the Falcons are enjoying, they're gonna get overwhelmed interior the playoffs. no longer a championship team. Packers - i think of that the packers deserve yet another trophy, they went 15-a million final 300 and sixty 5 days. and that they have been kicked interior the shins with injuries this season and are nevertheless winning video games. Bears - *study falcons reaction* 49ers - protection is youthful, frightening and made to final. however the question is: what approximately their offense? they're getting like the cardinals, with their QB subject. Seahawks - the way they're they're enjoying, they seem to be a championship high quality team. They made the Cardinals look like a no-call college team the former day. in the event that they carry on, they could easily make it. Redskins/Cowboys/Vikings - No way brah Patriots - Yeah, i could be kinda pissed, no longer because of the fact they gained, merely anticipation for the Brady haters vs the Brady praisers. Texans - perhaps Ravens - i could be ecstatic! I constantly had to verify Ed Reed and the team win the SB. They deserve a hoop. Broncos - i actually see them winning the SB. Colts - Ehh, that could desire to be kinda extraordinary. Them winning the superbowl could merely go away me speechless. Steelers - i could be speechless as quickly as returned. Bengals - that could desire to make me happy and unhappy on an analogous time. i could be happy, because of the fact i like Vontaze Burfict and the Bengals, yet i do no longer wanna see them win the SB.

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    St. Louis

    San Francisco








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    This is easy. Lions, Redskins, Broncos, 49Er's, Vikings, Chargers, Giants, Cowboys, Eagles, and the Cardinals! There you have it. 10 teams to not win the Super bowl.

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