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Would you consider Mexico a developed country?

I am Mexican, I live in Nuevo Laredo, in northern Mexico right on the USA border with the Rio Grande, overall economically, lifestyle is OK here, but in southern Mexico those provinces are very poor, that is where the illegal immigrants to the USA come from (the ones that are Mexican). about 38% of Mexico's pop. is in poverty (15% in extreme poverty, and 23% in moderated poverty), in numbers that would be like 40 million mexicans, out of a pop of 104 million the rest 64 million Mexicans are lower middle class to wealthy, we dont have to cross the border the vast majority of us Mexicans are well-off and dont need to leave our country

Mexico is tied with Brazil as Latin America's largest economy

It is the tenth largest economy in th world

Our national income is about 160,000 pesos (17 thousand canadian dollars)

Litteracy rate 95%

Latin america's best inter city highway infrastructure

Inflation 3%

Over all average life here for a regular Mexican is just fine. What is your opnion?


trust me, if any other country with alot of poor people like argentina had the USA next door, they would have a much more serious immigration problem

Update 2:

trust me, if mexico would be mostly illiterate, then we would have a bunch of more problems, we are corrupt, but not as corrupt as other countries like china or india, and why am i full of ****? im just a regular mid class mexican telling their point of view and a reality check to people who dont even know **** about mexico.

Update 3:

trust me, it is not the country most people think it is, like the "typical" mexico shown in hollywood films.

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    Mexico would be classified as a newly industrialized country, (NIC) or one of the developed countries that may not have all the signs of a developed country but it is far beyond the developing status. Mexico is one of only a few countries in this category. Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, China, India, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines are all in this category, and all for different reasons. Of this list, Mexico is probably in the top half, with a modern infrastructure, and a majority have moved away from such developing country industries as agriculture and natural resource extraction. However, relatively hi poverty lines considering the overall lower per capita GDP than in most developed nations keeps it below this highest tier category.

    Americans are guilty of serious misconceptions about Mexico, and the public knows little about the illegal immigration issue except that it's a problem. Unfortunately our relationship with our southern neighbor was not as friendly as it could have been considering the promise that a Texas president could have brought to US-Mexico relations, hopefully Hollywood will move away from its stereotypes and closer ties with Mexico will help both our countries to prosper in continuum.

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  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    Is Mexico A Developing Country

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    Carlos, be aware that in the US it's extremely common to offed without any reason a person from another country, specially if this person is Mexican, be aware of it.

    No, I don't think Mexico is a developed country. Don't fool yourself because you're from middle class or the town where you live is relativily rich. In developed countries the life of almost all the population is relativily fine, no need to emmigrate. 5% of illiteracy is a lot. A person that can't read or write is a zero in the society. In developed countries illiteracy doesn't exist, unless the person has mental problems.

    Usually a country is considered developed when the GDP per capita PPP is above 20,000 US$ in Mexico it is about 10,000 US$ so there is a long way to go yet.

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      Mexico would be classified as a newly industrialized country

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  • Anita
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    4 years ago

    Mexicoisconsidered a developing contry because not all of the government or the contry for that matter is under control of the government. Also many people say it is developing because they are just bogging to have and affect and say in the world.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hola mi amigo.

    mexico is still considered developing... not developed yet because of several factors such as standard of living, minimum wage rate, welfare policies, GDP- per capita, other factors such as pollution control, natural resources, exports etc.

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  • 1 decade ago

    if its so great, why are the illegals flooding the US?

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