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It's crazy, I don't think my team is too great as single players but I've gotten 100+ point games the last 3 weeks and am 4-1 in my league and I beat the two best in my league the last 2 weeks (lot of byes - 14 team league). I'll put up the team and you tell me what you all think.

QB's: Hasselbeck, Roethlisberger

WR's: Torry Holt, Hines Ward, D.J Hackett, Bobby Engram, James Jones

RB's: Larry Johnson, Justin Fargas, Kenny Watson, Cedric Benson, Jesse Chatman

TE: Eric Johnson

K: Jeff Reed

Def: Packers, Titans

Again, I don't think it's a great fantasy team...but it all pulls together average scores and gets the job done. For example, this week so far I've got 95 points and still have Hines Ward and Jeff Reed left to play. Tell me what you think!

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  • J E M
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    1 decade ago
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    I'm guessing you've had some favorable matchups because this is a weak team.

    QB- A. Really the only bright spot. Great if you only start one. Still pretty solid if you start both.

    WR- C. Just average. Holt and Ward will put up decent numbers, nothing spectacular. The other three are worthless.

    RB- D. Major hit here. Most important position in fantasy football and you're bringing nothing to the table. LJ could potentially have a few good games, but I doubt it and every one else is absolute garbage. You have to start three of them? Ouch.

    TE- C-. I like him to have a better second half than he did first but he's one of too many options for Brees to look at. In a 14 man league it is understandable, though.

    K- B-. Not great, but not as terrible.

    Def- B. Solid. I don't like the Lions to continue their surprising defensive season but both these teams put solid defenses on the field.

    Overall- C+. I would expect you to finish around .500 and miss the playoffs. Your running backs are just too weak to get it done and I'd be happier if you had a legit WR corp but the fact that you have terrible running backs and only average receivers makes me weary of your chances.

    Also, it's week 9 and you've only played 5 games? So, 4 byes? Sounds hella boring.

  • 1 decade ago

    good qb's, i'd start big ben every week. good wr's. average rb's. te sucks. kicker doesn't matter. titans def owns..


  • 1 decade ago

    you have really weak running backs

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