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Im dating a lesbian. I need some serious advice please.....?

well ive been dating my gf for 1 month. She has had three other relationships before me. All of which were with women. Anyhow, what should I know about dating an ex lesbian who probobly still digs other girls?

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    Well...I think you need to realize there is "some risk" involved here for maintaining the relationship. A similar thing happened to me in college. I began dating an absolutely beautiful girl ...things were going great and even were getting serious.

    Then, I noticed I was being being stalked by another absolutely beautiful girl. Every where I went ...I would see her. Then she got into this flirting mode...I would ignore her. This went on for weeks. I was sitting at a sidewalk cafe...drinking coffee and reading the paper....and when I put the paper down the "stalker girl" was sitting at the table. I was freaked. She clearly had some underlying anger...flames in her eyes! Discussion followed.

    Then the story unfolded...this girl was my GF's ex-lover. I actually knew all about her from my GF. I just didn't know the extent of the relationship. I was told in no uncertain terms I needed to back off. I was totally caught off guard.

    Both girls were very accomplished...both were multi-lingual, and had advanced degrees. The list was end-less of their talents and skills.

    They both looked like models and there was not a hint of same-sex orientation. They had always been straight A students...that had been pushed by their families accademically ...they never had dated. They were not prior experienced just evolved between the two of them...but, it was very very intense. They both had to repress/supress sex for years to met family expectations.

    Later, I spent hours talking to my GF. I was perfectly OK with her same-sex background. What bothered me more was... I learned I was her very first boyfriend...she was 26. Her ex-GF was setting up a battlefield and the competition was to commence. She was being tortured emotionally-psychologically. For her sanity...I gave her space and took the role of being a support person...rather than a BF.

    Ultimately, her ex-GF took her out of state. I lost contact. There is more to the story of course...but, it wouldn't be appropriate to share.

    I am just saying this could prove to be an adventure for you. To me, it was a very intellectual, complex and exotic thing. You have to be open-minded and psychologically minded as well. You have to be patient and caring. I would suggest you always hold back something of you are not devasated if the relationship fails.

    I am not implying that your relationship is doomed. Looking back on it...I probably should have worked at pursuing the relationship as her BF...I really loved was more important to me to not see her torn and hurting...I gave her might have been interpreted as not fighting for her. She had the more submissive personality of the two. Very unusual...she approached me the first time we met. I pretty much gave her the control of the relationship...which prior relationships had been of a mutual nature. Everything about this relationship had been... not traditional or usual... that is what made it so exotic I guess. I guess you can read between the lines...I have some regrets.

    Thanks for giving me a platform to share. Good Luck!

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    i'm perplexed. no longer on account which you're gay yet because of the fact she is your terrific pal, so certainly you have been to a action picture jointly already and frolicked jointly. only because of the fact this time it extremely is a 'date' is in common terms a sign that it would desire to be lots extra exciting, you being you and her being her, the two taking area in the excitement of only being jointly, 2 well matched females having exciting. If she likes you the way you like her, she would be able to love regardless of you place on, so be mushy and don't beat your self up attempting to get it ideal. Imperfection for many is endearing. And the obtrusive, placed on some thing which will save you heat. it extremely is costly previous England and it extremely is frigging chilly accessible! appreciate.

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    If you think she's still into other girls, then why, (and how, might I add) are you dating her?

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    Definitely! Ask her honestly and tell her how you feel, and tell her that all you could do is to trust her.

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    if shes dating you, i think shes more bisexual than lesbian

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