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Baby names quarter Final?

Ok here are some really lovely names i am deciding on for my twins.


Jessica Ashley+Victoria Nicole,Maria May+Holly Alissa

Abigail Elizabeth Rose+Amber,May Eliza Lily+Emily Anne

Bryony Anne+Christina Rose Anne,Zoe Lynn+Sydnie Chantel

Brianna Marie+Leigha Elizabeth,Jordyn Loise+KaelyCharlize, EmmaGrace+IzabellaBrooklyn,

Natalie Paige+Eliza Summer,Lauren Victoria+Sophia Lynn


Mark James+Morgan Lee, Dylan Ryan+Jamie Lewis

Hayden Scott+Thomas Peter, Jack Levi+Daniel Koby

Michael James+Joseph Noah,Adam Michael+Cameron John

Sean Patrick+Zack Anthony,Tyler Joel+Asim Dean


Zoe Lynn+Jack Levi,Jessica Ashley+Morgan Lee

Asim Dean+Natalie Paige, Jordyn Louise+Zack Anthony

Dylan Ryan+Bryony Anne,Victoria Nicole+Cameron John

John Eric+Lauren Victoria,Brianna Marie+Sean Patrick

Sydnie Chantel+Tyler Joel,Adam Michael+Amber Mae

Leigha Elizabeth+Jamie Lewis,Lily Eliza and Hayden Scott

Logan Scott+Izabella Brooklyn

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    i really like

    natalie paige, eliza summer

    dylan james, blake lewis (sorry i changed it a bit)

    adam micheal, amber mae

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    Jessica Ashley+Victoria Nicole I think I like this pair the best for the girl/girl but these are also nice Emma Grace+Izabella Brooklyn, Natalie Paige+Eliza Summer


    Dylan Ryan+Jamie Lewis too many y's in the first one so I wouldn't do this one

    I love Hayden Scott with Michael James

    Sean Patrick+Zack Anthony


    Brianna Marie+Sean Patrick I think this is my fave

    Adam Michael+Amber Mae but I also like this one

    Good Luck! this is the easy part!

    Source(s): mother of a 1 yr old baby girl!
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    Victoria Nicole

    Natalie Paige

    Lauren Victoria

    Sophia Lynn


    Hayden Scott

    Cameron John

    zack Anthony

    Tyler joel


    Victoria Nicole and Cameron John

    Tyler Joel and Victoria NIcole

    Lauren Victoria and Hayden Scott

    hoped i helped.

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    Girl/ Girl

    EmmaGrace/ Izabella Brooklyn

    Boy/ Boy

    Adam Michael/ Cameron John

    Boy/ Girl

    Logan Scott/ Izabella Brooklyn

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  • Kita
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    1 decade ago

    i like

    Lilly + Emily Anne

    Zoe Lynn + Sydnie Chantel

    Branna Marie + Leigh Elizabeth

    Emma Grace + Izabella

    Lauren + Sophia Lynn

    Adam + Cameron

    Micheal James + Sean Patick

    Victoria +Cameron

    John +Victoria

    Logan + Isabelle

  • Leonor
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    1 decade ago

    Emma Grace and Izabella Brooklyn

    Adam Michael and Cameron John

    I have a tie for your boy and girl

    John Eric (I kind of like Erik) and Lauren Victoria, Logan Scott and Izabella Brooklyn

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    Lily Eliza/ Hayden Scott


    Zack Anthony/Tyler Joel I know it's not an option but it's nice


    Emma Grace/ Lily Eliza

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    WOW!! with having sooo many names that you like, you should have a whole football team. I had a choice of about 5 that I really liked.

    You have listed some GREAT names, however do any of the names have some meaning behind them. Do you want to name your children after someone special in your family?? if so, i would focus on those names first.

    I like when they match (sound alike, same letter...something like that....)

    Therefore, Abby and Amber And.... Brianna and Leah... Emma and Emily .....AND.... Natalie and Sydnie

    Boys names... I like

    Hayden and Dylan...And.... Jamie and Jospeh...And........ Tyler and Thomas

    Boy/Girl... I like

    Jack and Jessica...AND...Lily and Logan...... And....

    Adam and Amber

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    My friends little girl is named Natalie Paige, how funny. I like Emma Grace+Eliza Summer

    Jack Levi+Hayden Scott

  • Anonymous
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    Just a word of advice since you have alot of names and I think you are trying to narrow them down...

    1. Make sure the intials don't make a word

    2. Don't pick something comman kids hate that

    3. Remember they are going to need to learn to spell it

    4. Remember they too are going to be grandparents someday so pick something that will sould good as a kid but also adult

    5. If the dad is involved make sure he agrees on everything!

    Don't set on a name until you deliver pick out a few that you like when you see your babies they might just look like a name you picked out

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    I love Zoe and Jack! Cool names for boy and girl!

    Holly is nice not something you hear every day any more!

    Asim Dean... Cool! Never heard that! I like different.

    Good luck with twins! Happy labor day! Congrats!

    Your doubled blessed!

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