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When the Iranians finally construct the atomic bomb, which countries will they attack/drop bomb on?


what will they get out of it? i mean behind every action even in the most primitive form there is some kind of gain, so is iran simply spending billions just to destroy israel for fun, what will they get from destroying israel?

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    Israel, they are the only enemy within Iran's striking range. Contrary to what some say, they do not have the capability by missle or other means to attack the US with a nuclear device.

    However- as soon as Israel or the US attacks their Nuclear weapons facilities in Iran, they will activate the Hezbollah sleeper cells that are living in the US right now and they will probably initiate conventional attacks within our borders.

    Edit- In 2000 a hezbollah Sleeper cell with links to Iran was broken up. They were buying cheap cigarettes in North Carolina and Selling them for profit up north, I believe in Chicago. so the cells are here and they are who we should fear should an atack be launched on Iran.

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    First, you would have to believe they are actually trying to make a bomb, since the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) says there is no evidence that they are.

    Second, you would have to believe that they would be crazy enough to start world war 3, since it would not end with say... Iran nukes Israel, USA nukes Iran. China and Russia would have something to say about it, and they are more allied with Iran, then they are with the United States, and both of them, as you know, have nuclear weapons.

    And finally, the question is more complex than that. Having a nuclear arsenal, and being able to deliver it are two different things. Even if Iran had a bomb today, it would be years before they would have the capabiltty to deliver it as long range as the United States.

    As crazy as some leaders may be, most do not have a death wish. Most of this talk is rhetoric. The real nuclear threat comes from loss of control by a central government that already has nuclear weapons, such as in Pakistan. It was the same concern when the Soviet Union collapsed in the 80s.

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    One of the issues with Iran is that neither Pakistan nor India has threatened to wipe nations off the face of the Earth. Now, I'm not too sure that Iran will follow through when/if they obtain a bomb because they have to be aware that Israel would retaliate in kind.

    The issue is proliferation. If Shiite Iran obtains the bomb, the Sunni nations of the Gulf will have to follow suit. With a heightened nuclear threat, Israel would have to ramp up its own arsenal, particularly their second strike capability.

    Being the only secular Muslim nation, Turkey would likely feel threatened and seek to enter the club as well. If Turkey goes nuclear, nothing would stop Greece from following in response.

    As more nations (especially less stable ones) obtain nuclear weapons, the chances that they will be used vastly increases. Whether its a "limited" exchange in the Middle East or a bomb going off in New York or London, what do you think the impact would be on the world's economy?

    Pakistan took the world by surprise - everyone is aware of Iran's intentions. Allowing more nations into the nuclear club will only bring the world closer to midnight.

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    in a sense, all of the above answers are correct. IF iran is building a nuke, israel would be the first target, not the u.s., this is due to the fact that the deployment system would not be able to lauch an attack stateside.

    in that lies the problems.

    1. IF iran was to bomb israel, then they would be wiped off of the face of the earth due to not having a deployment system that could attack any countries of further distance.

    2. IF iran did so, then the only countries that would go on auto defense for them would likely be north korea, china, and possibly....possibly, the soviets. afghanistan and iraq will be too bombed out to do a thing, except for giving a cue to there cells that are stateside.

    3.Finally any cells stateside would be our biggest problem, not some douche in iran.

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    Most likely Iran will arrange for Al Queda or Hamas to obtain a pound or two of plutonium. This material will be powder and released into the atmosphere (dirty bomb) in New York, or Hafia, or Jerusalem killing thousands and effectively rendering those areas uninhabitable. Then the various liberal elements around the world will wring their hands and negotiate with the killers. After the venom the liberals of the world have spewed towards a president who takes action before the situation becomes uncontrolable--you can count on the fact that no American president will act on any threat assessments again. In the future I think you will see America utilizing the same logic and diplomacy the Europeans did in 1930's europe. And sadly, we will all probably pay the same price we did then.

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    The same ones the Russians and the Chinese did. And the Pakastanis and the Indians. Why is Mutually Assured Destruction a plausible reason for these countries to have nukes and not Iran? We are being sold a bill that sez that Iran is too "crazy" to have nukes, a story that was told in the same frantic paranoia when all the above countries were developing the weapons. An Iran with nukes will force America and Israel to deal with them on an equal basis.

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    If we were really interested in preventing Iran from acquiring Nuclear weapons we are definitely going about it all wrong.

    MADD has been a strategy that has worked for years. All we need to do is to put Russia, China, France, Germany, and anyone else stupid enough to sell the Iranians the tools and equipment needed to produce such weapons, on notice. If Iran uses a nuclear weapon against Israel or US, we will use OUR Nuclear weapons ON YOU.

    Let them spend billions of dollars trying to prevent and or contain Iran, why should our tax payers shoulder the burden.

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    Israel would never allow it to happen. All this talk about the U.S. and Iran is just backstreet bully talk. If Iran were to attack anyone with a Nuke they would get bombed back to the stone age. I guess that wouldn't be such a bad thing for Iran since most of them are still living like that now anyhow.

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    They won't. No country will use a nuclear warhead, because they have a "return adress." The concern is that they'd supply surrogates with one, and it isn't at all hard to imagine a nuke supplied by some nut-case in the Iranian government to, say, Hezbollah destroying Tel Aviv or even a chunk of New York.

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    they do no longer choose for electrical energy they're already merchandising electrical energy to different worldwide places so as that leaves us with the bomb @Rima, Sahar is a Persian call i think @elle 990, no person suggested something approximately Iranians been terrorists @all, skill hasteyee two hundred Toman basteiee one million 12 months from now ahmadinejad : guy oraniom bar sareh sofreh melllat miyavaram ke hame az radiation begoozan

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