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Virus help!?

Well, the other day my dad (being the computer noob he is) accedently downloaded this program called IE Defender, and when i try and delete it, it doesnt delete, and everytime i open an internet browser, a message pops up saying this :

Your system is probably infected with the latest version of Trojan.Zlob-x.a

Full system optimization will greatly increase your computer's preformance and prevent data loss.

Click OK to download.

[ OK ] [Cancel]

Is there anything i can do to get rid of this virus?

NOTE: this popup started happening after he downloaded this.


Spybot search and distroy doesnt help.

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    PCTools products do get good reviews. The good thing is they have free versions of their products. They work great. Spyware Doctor from the Google pack is a must. I highly recommend it. I bought Webroots Spysweeper and spyware doctor finds stuff spysweeper does not. Having both is a perfect combo and I recommend running two anti-spyware products.

    PCTools Anti-Virus

    PCTools Threatfire - Malware Protection

    This free tool makes your current anti-virus better. Definite Download

    PCTools Firewall Plus

    The Google Pack includes a free starter edition of Spyware Doctor.



    You can do an online scan for viruses and spyware for free from the major vendors. Some of these require Internet Explorer to run because of Active-X


    Computer Associates

    Panda Software

    Symantec Security Check

    Mcafee Free Scan

    Kaspersky Scanner

    Microsoft Protection Scanner





    Its good to run two anti-spywares even if some extra resources are taken.

    SuperAntiSpyware does an excellent job. AVG's full version gets great reviews.


    Microsoft Defender


    Spyware Terminator 2

    Spybot Search and Destroy



    Anti-Spyware for a cost.

    Personally I bought Webroot's Spysweeper, their product is great and well worth the money. Watch Best Buy ads because sometimes it goes on sale for $10 to $15.

    Webroot Spysweeper

    PCTools Spyware Doctor


    There are free anti-virus scanners availble. They work well. I like AVG and PCTools anti-viruses the best of the free anti-virus programs.

    If you are not willing to spend money it is good to have some kind of anti-virus software



    Avira AntiVir


    For a Cost

    This is my recommendation for anti-virus. Free are good, but they are not as accurate as the top paid anti-virus software




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    IE Defender is malware. It's purpose is to trick users into downloading it by displaying fake alerts.

    What you need to do first is remove IE Defender. Spybot or Ad-aware should detect them but may not be able to remove it while it's running.

    That is okay, as you can get a walkthrough here:

    This is typical of spyware and malware. You might want to get Hijack This:

    After you've removed it, *then* run a scan in Spybot or Ad-Aware. Then run a full system scan with your anti-virus program just to make sure that it did not leave anything nasty behind.

    As for Dad, you can educate him... and/or if it's your computer then set up a guest account and disable downloading in Tools > Internet Options > Security (tab) > "Custom" - Then scroll down to "Downloads" and adjust accordingly. You can also adjsut ActiveX download permissions there as well.

    Good luck!

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    Zlob-x.a is the trojan that installs IE Defender. Try free tool called SmitfraudFix. Smitfraudfix instructions:

    After you've removed IEDefender. Go to and run the latest windows update.

    Tell your Dad not to donwload anything that he does not know what it is. That's number #1 rule in avoiding spyware infection.

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    The supposed ie defender program is a scam (usually downloaded by porn ads). It will keep trying to redirect you to the supposed "fix Site"

    Go to and download their free to try system. Follow the instructions to the letter & you'll have a pristine clean comp again. If you leave it turned on, it catches everything malicious. The sacrifice if you leave it on is a very slow startup when you 1st turn your comp on. This is because it checks every file all over again. I suggest using it to correct your problem & then deleting it

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    Your Dad has downloaded a rogue anti-malware application. Hah, dont worry, your not infected with zlob, zlob is installed when an un-suspecting PC/Mac (and recently Mac) user attempts to view a video (usually of an adult theme) and is prompted to download a "codec" which will allow them to view it. This codec however, is actually trojan.zlob. Zlob has been known to work with rogue anti-malware applications, but I highly doubt your infected with it. Anyway, back to rouge anti-malware. A rogue anti-malware application pretends to be a legitimate anti-malware solution, although it is actually cleverly discuised malware. The definition of malware, incase some people are confused, is a programmed application/script, compiled to cause deliberate damage or initiate illigal actions on a users PC/Mac. A reccomended solution to this would be to download and install the popular legitimate anti-spyware solution: "Spyware Doctor" (NOT to be confused with "SystemDoctor", yet another rogue anti-malware application) which also detects rogue anti-malware applications installed on the users PC, aswell as rogue anti-malware related adware. Or, failing that, you can download the system diagnostics tool "HijackThis" from:

    do a scan and save the log. Send the log to

    and I'll fix the problem for you

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    For the love of god Norton is NOT the answer.

    Spybot as previously stated or hijackthis should take care of it.

    Both are free.

    If that doesn't work there is always a format...

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    Use some other software. Norton, AVG , Avast are free antivirus software. Ad-aware, Ewido are free spyware removers. You can download free softwares at and

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    Spybot Search and's free, go google it :)

    Source(s): My Hubby
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    buy norton internet security $60 or norton 360 $70 but before that try a system restore


    all programs


    system tools

    system restore

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    You can: reset your computer to an earlier version, you could go to Norton homepage to see if they have fix, if you have a spyware scanner check and see if it will remove it or goto their homepage and complain!!!!

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    get an antivirus - i got kaspersky and it took out 95 viruses that my old one didnt. i would get it asap because if youve got a trojan back door, then some git can mess up your pc whenever he feels like it at home.

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