How do you fix a power steering leak on a 96 gmc yukon.?

I dont want to put any stop leak

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    I own a shop, and it has been my experience that many leaks are caused by someone prying on the wrong part of the pump, or the reservoir, thus breaking it, and causing a leak. Most of the time, it is nothing more than a bad hose, or a leaking O-ring where the hose goes into the pump. The best thing is, to use some engine cleaner on the pump, hoses & steering box, let it dry, and then find exactly where the leak is. You may have to have a special crows foot to get the hoses off with, as they can be pretty hard to deal with sometimes. They make a crows foot that is for lines that you can pick up at most any parts store. Round off the fittings, and you got real trouble. Put the crows foot on the fitting, insert a long extension into the crows foot, and you can use a ratchet to break them loose with. Usually its the pressure hose that gives trouble, and you can just tighten the return hose clamps with a screwdriver, or small socket & ratchet.

    Glad to help out, Good Luck!!!

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    Try tightening up the fittings at each of the power steering hose ends.

    it may be the Pump if its leaking from where the power steering hose is connected to the back of the pump.

    if its a hose than it will need to be replaced.

    if its the pump & the hose is good than replace the pump.

    its cheaper than stop leak in the long run.

    Do not over fill the pump it will push it out and flow over making it look like a big leaks accoured

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    The factory hoses on these are expensive and not very good.

    You can get one made up at a hydraulic shop that has furrell type fittings that clamp over the old pipe.

    Just cut the hose portion off the pipe at a reasonably straight spot and take to your local hydraulic shop.

    They will make up a better hose than new and is much cheaper.

    Since you don't have to take the pipe parts off this is much easier to change as well.

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    Depends on where the leak is coming from. If its a hose, a new hose. If its the pump, it might need a new gasket or need to be replaced.

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    Since no mention of where the leak is ? Just don't put any fluid in it .It can't leak then

    Add some fluid,look at the same time and turn till it stops,This is max pressure now it should be leaking an now from where ?

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    everyone here is trying to help you....and you can't help yourself.... go outside and see where the leak is ....come back in and tell us.....them ...and only them will you get an intelligent answer

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    Plenty of great answers already for this

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    New hose.

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