Names used at wedding grand entrance?

My fiance will be hyphenating his last name after we get married. He is an awesome guy, what can I say.

I didn't wan't to change my last name for a bunch of reasons (since I'm the only grandchild I wanted to honor my grandfather by keeping his name), but my fiance said he would take my name if I would take his in addition to mine. It's a team effort and we're both happy.

So, my question is, for the reception, will it sound odd or confusing to be announced as "Mr. John Smith Doe and Mrs. Jane Doe Smith"?

Should we be announced as simply "husband and wife"? Or announced using our own names (i.e. Mr. Smith and Mrs. Doe)?


Sorry, I forgot to clarify that I am NOT legally taking his name to replace mine, I am only hyphenating mine too.

Update 2:

I DO NOT want to be introduced with only his last name, that would defeat my whole purpose of keeping my family name!

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    I wouldn't go with either, I would just say and now we introduce for the first time in public Jane and John as husband and wife. If you two feel comfortable with saying "Mr. John Smith Doe and Mrs. Jane Doe Smith" then that is fine too. As long as you two are ok with it.

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    Do what you like, you are Still Mrs Smith, so leave out the extra name and stick with traditiion. Say for the first time any where presenting Mr and Mrs Smith. Keep your name for the reason stated, Lots of ladies keep their last name for business and use the married name for personal and for

    things like joint accounts. Plus you do not have to decide what name immediately. WHen you change your DL and you SSAN card that will be the deciding factor

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    I would go with what your names will be in other words... Mr. John Doe Smith and Mrs. Jane Doe Smith. I like the way that sounds and you are a lucky girl.

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    You can just be announced as Mr and Mrs His Name which is the old fashioned way. It implies that you are married without making any reference to your personal choices of last names. My hubby and I were announced like that even though I didn't change my name, I'm still his wife. Otherwise it would be nice to just have your MC say, "would you all please stand in welcoming the lovely new couple" Best of luck to you on your special day!

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    I think the easiest is to the effect of, "For the first time as husband & wife John and Jane".

    You can deal with the last name issues later, on your return addresses for the thank you's or as people ask.

    I wonder how many people even pay attention to how the newlyweds are introduced at their reception.

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    I would suggest saying "Mr. and Mrs. Smith Doe", but if you don't feel comfortable with that why don't you say "The happy new couple" or something like that? It's your day, you can have it however you want. Congratulations!

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    You would use your legal names. Or just go with first names.

    If you're hyphenating names, you use the same order or surnames, so you'd be both Smith-Doe.

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    yeah i'd go with the

    mr and mrs.. smith doe

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