i can prove Berkeley's Idealism WRONG,,?

berkeley's idealism says--

when u don't percieve objects, they don't to exist,,

for example- when u keep an apple in a drawer and close it, it doesn't exist anymore,,or when u come out of room and close the light,, the things in the room doesn't exist becoz u can't percieve it,, and it comes back once u flash the light,,

so my proofs to prove it wrong--

1)when u see a tree,, then go away,,and then u come back to the forest and see the tree lying down(due to whatever reason),,if the tree didn't exist after when i went, how did it come down there?

2)if i have come to singapore from india, and didn't even think of my relatives in india, does this mean my relatives don't exist until i think about them again?

what do u ppl say?

didn't i prove berkeley's idealism wrong?

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes...the best way to prove these kinds of silly ideas wrong is to apply them to reality.

    Actually, you've never even met (perceived) Berkeley, so he never existed to come up with this nonsense, right?

    And since you haven't ever seen the vast, vast majority of people on earth they also have never existed...so, how did that car, computer, food, get here? How did you get here?

    Simply applying this to reality makes it seem as stupid as it is.

    Additional: When someone evokes god/mysticism then give it up. No matter how logical/rational you are, they can counter with more complete nonsense. There's no way to argue with a person that refuses to accept reality. All you can do is walk away.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Nice try, but I'm afraid Berkeley had a couple of answers to this. 1. He believed that as God is omnipresent he was perceiving everything all the time. So the tree in the forest fell down whilst God was watching.

    Or if you'd rather not have God involved, he could just say that there is no logical reason why you cannot perceive the tree as haven fallen, even if you didn't perceive it fall.

    I'm afraid your second argument just doesn't work, as Berkeley would say that your relatives have minds and therefore perceive themselves.

    This doesn't mean that I agree with Berkeley, its just that it is very hard to disprove, if not impossible. However your second argument does raise and interesting objection to Berkeley, in so far that without the sue of God, it is very hard to stop Idealism turning into solipsism.

    Hope this helps.

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