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antonio mcdyess?

he is playing really well and i really want to pick him up but i don't know if i should drop anyone from my roster. here's who i have. any suggestions?

pg: j. kidd (pg)

sg: j. kapono (sg,sf)

g: b davis (pg)

sf: h. turkoglu (sg,sf)

pf: a kirilenko (sf,pf)

f: a. iguodala (sg,sf)

c: t. duncan (pf,c)

c: z. ilgauskas (c)

util: m. ellis (pg,sg)

util: r. brewer (sg,sf)

bench: s. battier (sf)

bench: d. wilkins (sg,sf)

bench: desagana diop (pf,c)


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    I'd drop Kapono. He's not that good and you're loaded at that position. You're shallow at PF.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sorry Ace, I don't do NBA Fantasy, as I stick to the NFL.

    Good Luck

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