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the right time to kiss a girl?

I'v been dating this girl for 2 weeks now, and we have still not kissed! Is that bad? How long should a couple be dating for them to kiss? Anyways, yesterday I had the perfect chance to kiss her. It was like 10 minutes after the last bell rang so everyone was gone. We just started saying "yup" back and fourth. I think we were thinking the same thing. Of course being the idiot I am, I just hugged her then left. How do you "Set up" a kiss? Incase you were wondering, I'm in 9th grade.

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    its not a bad thing yall aint kiss yet- its good dont speed things up that will just ruin it, nice and slow wiht relationship-- plus it shows u wa type of girl she is,,, she dont give just 2 anyone....thats how my 1st relationship was with the weird silence and yups lol... i suggest this- in those moments when yall lock eyes for a while with the giggles and such makes a smooth slow kiss dont bum rush her that will scare her, or b4 the bell rings hold both her hands and b facing her and just give her a little kiss like a peck to start the kissin process, then go 2 class, make it a habit then it will become more of a "real kiss",,, she might b shy- i was to kissin so u my friend have 2 make the 1st move- remember dont bum rush her make the move slowly a lil kissy and shell go from there

    gluck and dont b scared, she wants to kiss u just make the move ok

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    check out www.links2 for tips.

    Basically you lean forward towards her and then tilt your head to your right. Then make contact. Check out www.links2 for tips. Good luck Also there are no spaces in the link

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    when u think itz time to kiss , move 80% (100% is kisS) close to her mouth , and let her do the rest.

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    during your date! umm at a park or somewhere romantic.

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    in those situations to start with man when its you in her dont be forceful just kinda ease into it

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    just go for it!

    a quick one!

    but dont do it at schoool...

    even if nobody is aroundddd.

    wait till you guys are alone at one of your houses.

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