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what are your thoughts on Dennis Kucinich?

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    I am quite left-wing myself but I find him unreliable. As mayor of Cleveland he left the city bankrupt and during his tenure showed no interest in the environment or any of the issues he now proclaims is the champion. He used to be anti-abortion and very Catholic, now he is pro-choice and a feminist? I don't understand how you can flip-flop on such important issues. He claims to be looking out for the little man, I personally think the only little man he cares about is Kucinich himself.

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    Dennis Kucinich voted against the Patriot act and alongside with Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter are the only applicants no longer affiliated with the Council on foreign places relatives. important Props to him for putting Hillary In her place for being professional war. right it extremely is a short record of subjects that i'm hoping you will replace into extra familiar with because of the fact they are necessary to our usa's sovereignty. positioned Dennis Kucinich alongside with any of those words or titles below in any seek engine maximum somewhat youtube and get a impressive glimpse at what Dennis is approximately. Council on foreign places relatives North American Union Immigration NAFTA shelter Borders IRAQ war IRAN war Pakistan war Federal Reserve Zionism Neo-Conservative undertaking New American Century i'm hoping he runs with Ron Paul. if so RP would desire to acquire 25% of the vote (10% republican, 10% indipendant and 5 % innovative "left")

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    He's the best Democrat.

    True Backbone Archetype.

    Voted always right, even in hindsight.

    Cleveland was brought up again, actually

    he did VERY well for a Newbie, main mess

    rooted back to a guy named White. Google. :D

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    I think he is the best democratic candidate, with the valor and integrity to stop the war and reorganize our priorities in a human direction,

    Source(s): NY Times
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    1 decade ago

    his wife is hott

    and i think he is one of the few real politicians

  • 1 decade ago

    he is a nut job

  • 1 decade ago

    he's not a good man!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Who is he?

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